Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]




Yes, definitely.

Hm... no.



Yes, everyone's a friend to me


Hi! Today, at school, a boy was getting insulted by an older kid that everyone is scared of, but this time lots of people stood up for him! :D It was great!


Well, probably except for the whole b ullying part of it! XD


Maybe because THT are trying to spread happiness and positivity so they blocked out bullyin.g. Personally I don't think it was necessary though.


Accepted! Welcome to HAB. I'll add you into the group tag.

Any violations of rules will reuslt in being kicked out :)


Activity time!

Is there times when bullying could do more of a positive impact then negative? Give and example



No, I don't think there would be any instances where that would be the case


According to a study of American children aged 11 and 12, standing up to bullying can benefit children. However, bullying can still mentally harm kids.


I don't think so. I never saw how it could


Maybe if they're bullyin.g positively? Like for example: The kid who the bully is bullyin.g doesn't think positive of themself and the bully is bullyin.g them to like theirself? (Idk hope you understand what I am trying to say)


And by themself I meant the kid not the bully


I don't think so... or maybe when someone has a strong mind, and the things the bully says can be used to improve themselves?


Well that depends on the situation. Every tiny choice you make leads to other things, and then it goes on. So if someone bullied someone else it could lead to something good, or it may not ;)

Also, technically the whole "We all know that we can't change the world. But still, thank you for trying to make the community better!" thing StarryDream said in the first post is wrong because of what I said above. Every tiny choice you make leads to something else. These choices effect other people and the world too, so we actually are changing the world :D


Actually, yes. I feel like I've become a stronger person by dealing with bullying and that I've learned a lot of ways to cope and even fight back against it.


I've always thought that about the quote too but I guess it means that we can't all make a noticeable change or mark but it shouldn't stop us from trying to do something about it.


Maybe, though I think everyone can if they try ;D


Activity time!

What stereotyped bullly traits in media (film, internet, etc.) and why do you think it's like that?



I don't really get that question


They're usually a big, stupid, muscular boy with his "friends", who's really offensive and wand to fight with everybody
They're just the personification of evil in my opinion


Male bully: Some good-looking, footballer jock who dates cheerleader chicks and pick on nerds
Female bully: Some good-looking, privileged queen bee who dates jocks and pick on nerdy girls

Nerdy girl stereotype: A studious shy bookworm. Straight dark hair, wears glasses, and always carry a book with her.