Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]



iPad smash...

For real though, few months ago, someone in my school literally got her laptop smashed into pieces...


Yep, such as friends my tease each other but not in a mean way ;3


Story time

warning: verging long

Yesterday, the boy who won my school's speech competition presented his speech once again. This time, we were allowed to give feedback afterwards. I admitted that his "humour" did not amuse me despite of the few true points he made. My feedback sounded especially harsh compared to the other comments, which were all positive reviews.

Guess what happened? I triggered my classmates. Badly.

They considered my criticism as a personal attack on the speaker. They were shocked that I wasn't impressed with "such amazing speech". They were infuriated that I wasn't impressed with the winning speech. In short, I am not allowed to criticise what they all think is "good". Unpopular opinions are not permitted.

How am I suppose to agree with that technology is always bad? I can't just be a dishonest person and say "Oh! Social media is never beneficial! Popular culture is evil!". I'm not sure what the speaker's intention was, but he sounded as if he was forcing his strong opinions to us, which actually made his points less agreeable. True, nowadays kids are obsessed with screens. But there is a bright and dark side to everything. If social media or the internet have never been invented, I would have a lot less motivation in art since sharing my drawings would be more difficult. There are dark sides of technology, but we need to accept both pros and cons.

His humour really isn't my type. Everyone says the jokes are really funny, but ironically very few people laughed. When I presented my speech(which was a brief history of Australia) my whole class laughed from start to end. I notice how people turn a blind eye to flaws in speech finals and claim that they are "really good". Barely anyone think truthfully about what they actually like or dislike. One thing learned.

The other thing learned was that rebelling against popular opinions in public is pretty stupid. Good to be truthful, and I am not afraid to speak my mind. But sometimes, it is better to stay silent.

Ps. This have not much to do with bullying, but I think I'm going to do a lot more story time from now on.



Sometimes misunderstanding may happen, but I don't think it happens a lot.


(Great that we don't have school iPads)
Of course tell teacher and parents. :slight_smile:


Tell the teacher and the technology supervisor to see what I should do.


Yeah, like if I jokingly call my friend a mean name someone nearby would tell a teacher thinking I was bully.ing.


Activity time!
Why do you think bullying, when you type it into the forum is censored like this: ■■■■■■■■


Probably because it's negative and THT thinks it could start arguments. I personally think it's a little stupid to have it blocked, because I've never heard someone get offended or mad because of the word "bullying." XD


Probably because the word bullying is bad and can cause harm to other people


May I politely disagree? :D

I'm wondering about your reasoning behind saying that the word "bullying" is bad and causes harm. I don't really understand how someone could be harmed by someone else saying "bullying." :sweat_smile:


It's because they'll probably want to censor anything with the slightest of negativity. I don't think it should be censored though, I don't see any harm in that. But I think if someone's being kind of mean, instead of straight-up accusing them of bully.ing, say something like "Hello, I think you've been being somewhat mean to (insert person here). May I ask you to stop, as it's not okay to hurt each other's feelings here".


I don't think it should be censored, but probably because it's a negative word


Maybe because it isn't a nice word
But for me it's a bit stupid


Probably because it's negative, and that bullyin.g is a general bad thing ;3


Probably because it's negative

And THT want to spread positivity


It's not a negative word (it's used quite often) but the actions are what is negative. It's either they want to keep the forum peaceful (to avoid it) or they do take it as a negative word.


The boys in my class are always casually saying stuff like "KILL yourself loser!" and "Go drink some bleach!!" and whenever someone tells them that's not nice they reply like "Well it's not mean cause were were only joking LOL" But even if they are joking about it I don't think it's ok :/
btw I'm back from Alabama! Was gone this whole week, that's y I haven't been active on the forum :P


welcome back!

these jokes are really unfunny


Yeah, can I be apart of the club? I have a few bully stories: