Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]



He shouldn't be blamed for that! I would go and tell that teacher why he shouldn't be blamed, and I would tell the principle.


Everyone should have a chance to start over.
Like me ;-;


Why you wanna start over fren??? ;u;


Wow this is still a thing. It's been months! Good Job!


I blame the teacher and the others. I think that's going too far.


I know many people (not excluding myself) think that people once they are who they are never change. but blaming him for his past is like blaming the Japanese during World War II. There's absolutely no need to blame the Japanese because what has already happened, has happened. He changed, his past is in his past. They should give him a break. It's not a difficult thing to do by letting him feel welcomed.


"Sympathy" is not needed in this case




It's not sympathizing. Sympathy means pity of sorrow for someone else mistakes. It's a fact or you might say opinion that he should be treated equally.


Activity Time!

Why is bullying a broad problem?



P.s I won't be active here...sorry...


Because anyone, anywhere could be a bully. While there's that one dude at your school in America who teases you, there's a girl in China or a guy in France who bullies people. It spreads, and now you've got a broad variety of bullies.


Because anyone can do it


Because anyone can be a bully, and because people think it's okay. They don't know they're doing such huge damage when they make a "little" rude comment. The nicest of people can turn into a bully easily, even unintentionally. Bullying is everywhere and it makes a huge negative impact on people. It exists all over the world in many different forms. It really is a huge deal.


Because at least there is 1 bully in school. Sometimes a bully could have been a person that you had an argument with.


Anyone can bully anyone at different times for certain reasons


There are only bullies at my class (except me and my 2 friends)


That sux ;-;


It must be a whole load of peer pressure.

One or two kids started bullying, their friends started billing, their friends' friends also started bullying until only you and your good friends were left.


Ikr, that is really bad

I got bullied by a bunch of girls in my old school :cry:

So I had to move then I met Lucy(@StarryDream) and stuff


I now , that happens a lot but luckily there are no bullies in my all girls school :blush: