Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]



Yes! You could say mean things that have an effect on people,many people have committed suicid.e due to online bullyin.g


Yah, it can be. Words hurt. Some people can ignore them, but others take themvery seriously.


You're in!! Yay, new members!


Ahem, lemme explain :3

Because violence is more believed to be referring to physical harm when you talk to the dictionary. Though verbal abuse still could be a form of violence. I came up with the idea to see if anyone have different opinions. Debatable? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes correct!


Now, let's not use that type of language, mister. Or miss. XD


How. Is. That. Bad. Language

It was a reference to a TV series


It wasn't a joke. XD
You like Minecraft?


I know I'm random but YES


No. <hdidbaihbcabihscihbcsacs


Finally! Now we have two teams. Have fun debating!


Affirmative Team:

Negative Team:


Remember, the teams are still open!




I can't be on right now, sry ;-;


I shall be in the affirmative team.


Honestly, I am not offended by words that much anymore. It was a close choice,
but I finally realized I should not bring down sensitive people even more.

My actual reasoning: We have all been offended by words at one point in our lives, that point usually when we are young. Even now, some people still feel negative when sharp words are sent to them.

It really can hurt people as much as physical pain. The thing that relates it to physical pain is that it's possible to heal it if it gets the right treatment.


Wait I want to be one the affirmative team thingy


ok negative team, who will talk first?


Me! Can I talk first?


Yah sure you go ahead


You are the only one in the Herat I've team ;-;

Good luck fren