Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]



Ignore. Idc what they say, it's kind of ■■■■■■ to say "hey, your daughter did badly on his/her test!" Anyway, my parents would find that odd and not take them seriously, even if I did do badly.


I would just ignore them, I don't really care what they tell my parents,cause my parents would'nt believe them.


Basically, bullies do what they do either for jealousy or to get attention.


Ignore, if I did bad on a test my parents would probably help me learn later ;D


If I have the test I would show them that isn't true if I don't I have a thing that checks grades so that would prove it sorry for not being active


Well, is he telling the truth or not? If so, I just say "Fine with me, I would obviously tell them anyway." If not, I'd say, "Okay, then I'll show them the test with my real grade."


Tell the bully "ok" because you will tell your parents otherwise


Ignore them. I would probably just tell my parents later, and besides, if they hate you, why would they know your parents/addrėss in the first place? XD


Hey guise! Starry is back after moving places and stuff ;-;


Ignore them, they're only doing it to get a reaction out of you, if you don't react, they won't do it. (Is it too late?)


Debate time!

Topic of the week:

Can words be a form of violence?

Affirmative Team:

Negative Team:

Neutral Team:




They can, if you say a cuss word or a swear word, the whole sentence changes. Same thing goes for sarcasm sometimes.


Affirmative, (even if I'm not accepted) verbal violence has hurt much more than sticks and stones. I was told that since I was going through a state of depression, I didn't care about the LGBTQ+ community. I was told that I was useless, so much that I'm starting to believe him, and I know that it's unhealthy to think this way, but my brain won't stop. There's a storm in my head and every time I try to make it slow down everything just blacks out.

Sorry, I went overboard. I'll just leave now.


I decided to retry, I really hope I get in. Hope is all I have at this point, I guess. gulp


Are you bullied on Hop or in real life? I've been bullied on Hopscotch but that's stopped. In real life, it's not as bad. I'm mostly teased for my height.
Would you like to help others who are bullied? H**L YEAH!! (sorry for my language XD)
Do you have good advice that can help stop bullyin'? Yes. If the bullies were to be in the position of their victims, ho would they feel? What benefit does it give them to beat someone else up?
Have you ever had the thought to stop bullyin'? Yes.
Have you ever seen anyone getting bullied? Yes.
If so do you stand up for him/her? I would.


Isn't this slightly obviously yes? @StarryDream


I'm so sorry. I know I'm not a club member, but I have to.

What do you think about teasing? I think it's mean :angry:
When do you think it is inappropriate? when the person being bullied is going through a time of grief
When is it appropriate? NEVER!!!


Letthem tell my parents. It wouldn't really affect them or me anyway


Yes. Words hurt.


Words can really hurt to some people, but others ignore them. But words like cuss words or labels can really make a person feel like they do not matter. So yes, words really do hurt.