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I understand you and I think you and Joseph (JOJO) made great friends I wish you guys made up


I read a book last year called Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullay Hunt about a girl with dyslexia, and this is what she said about alone and lonely


Being alone, is when there is no one around you. Alone can be a good thing, sometimes I like being away from people and finding a quiet place to sit.

Being lonely, is if you are still alone, but sad about t


If your alone there's no one else with you
If your lonely you want a friend to be there with you

My Answer

Alone is alone, you can consider it good or bad depending on the situation.
Lonely is when you are alone and may not have any friends or family at the moment to help you. If someone is lonely, they'll probably be sad but it's not always the case :o


I've read it too!

It was OK. But honestly, books about children difficulties finding confidence is no fresh topic. And Fish In A Tree contains cliches I have seen over and over again. The friendship in the story was great, but I prefer more original novels.

Sorry, but I am quite critical towards books and films.


Dyslexia is not an illness though

What books do you read then
Like some examples of good books you like


When your alone you are with nobody.

When you are lonely you are alone and you don't like it!


To put this as best as I can, being lonely is a dull feeling of mind . Let's say, you might be with someone - even a best friend, but when you are lonely, an emptiness, a void encompasses you. It's a feeling you just can't shake off. It's like a constant emptiness, loneliness of mind.
i hate when I'm explaining a word and use that same word
On the other hand, being alone is not a feeling, it's a state when you feel happy sitting out. You just don't want to be a part of something, you are content with staying out. In other words, being alone is 'me'. : )
In my opinion, the feeling of loneliness is a bad thing. It leads, many at times, to a lot of wrong doings.

Well, she's also right but I lay emphasis on the 'sometimes'



I've read that book, too! It's really good. I'd totally recommend it- it's about a girl who's being bullied because of having dyslexia. I actually did a reading report on it a few weeks ago XD



I've read a lot of novels and have seen many similar plots. I personally prefer more original and realistic stories so I would not really recommend it... I like stories that include interesting characters with imperfect personalities.

The issue I have with the book is that the characters are too "black and white". They are either one thing or another, barely any in betweens.

Alley, the stereotypical "shy-girl-with-difficulties-bullies-by-others". Robert, the stereotypical "smart-nerd-who-gets-made-fun-of". Shay, the stereotypical "rich-mean-girl-with-billions-of-followers-despite-of-how-scornful-she-is". And Mr Daniels, the stereotypical "helpful-nice-teacher-who-encourages-the-problem-kids". I have seen copies of them in many, many other books. Or shall I say, I disliked all of the characters except for Keisha and Suki.

Whenever it comes to books, I become very critical. Sorry! ;-;


K, edit time! :D

I've enjoyed Gone With the Wind, Once(good narration!), Holes, Echo, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, etc.


Active time!

Do you agree with "violence is not the answer"?

P.s Some of my posts have been deleted. And they are all replies to @Jojo's posts...




Yes, I completely agree with that ;0


Yes, I do. Unless you're in danger, it's a terrible idea to hurt someone else.


Yes, unless i could be harmed


Yes! Unless your in a lot of danger


Yes, I agree completely. Don't fight fire with fire.

Also I posted a post a while ago saying I'd like to leave the club, could you take me off the list?


Yes, I agree! Even if you're super angry, or if you feel ready to snap, you shouldn't be hurting someone even worse in the process.


Interesting. I prefer a mix of classics and modern books.

For example, my all time favorite book is probably A Little Princess. It's been since I was like 6. I also really really love Peter Pan. And of course, we can't forget To Kill A Mockingbird. Also The Secret Garden, and Heidi. But mostly Peter Pan.

I somewhat Charles Dickens too, I've read Nicolas Nickleby, Great Expectations, David Copperfield, and more.

But I also love some random books on the library or Bookstore shelves.