Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]



I've been really busy lately and I've had a lot going on in life and the forums really districting me from getting my work done. I don't complete ever challenge in here mostly because I'm busy.
So I'd like to leave the club. It might be temporarily or might not. I'm super sorry. ;;


Ignore him, he will be annoyed by this :slight_smile:


Isn't that a joke ....


To be honest, it wasn't really a mean comment. It was more of a friendly joke. :D


Activity Time!

What would you do if a bully opened your locker and starting messing up your stuff?




Ask him/her to stop, and if they don't run and tell a teacher


'Dude go away.'
At 5 ft 7" I'm kinda intimidating
Forget the emo bangs
And long dark hair.
And claw like hands

If they r that stoopid, I would tell a teacher.
Or unleash the underworld on them


My locker has a combination, so that probably wouldn't happen, but if so I'd go between them and it, slam my locker shut, tell them not to do it, then go get a teacher and tell them.


I would ask them to stop, tell a teacher, and ask to change my locker combination/passcode.


Get the bully to stop


Tell on them, immediately :0


Say Stop. Going. Through. My. Stuff. And if they don't, ask my friend to tell a teacher.


I only keep my laptop in my locker, sooooo...


woah you tall...me 155 so cute so tiny

but the majority of da Yr 7 girls are shorter than me.


Me vary smol :1
Me be in year 4 and be 143 cm :00


It works to ur advantage.
Plus Ash is 6 ' exactly at the age of 14...
Same with Fang...
But then everyone else is short XD


I use a high tech padlock which doesn't use a combination instead scan so it's impossible for that to happen and in my case 'if' is not possible.





Woah technology! I need a padlock leike dat :3


Yesh, but me suuu close to yous