Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]



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If the person is my enemy meaning i hate that person or vice versa or both, the person won't steal my pencilcase but I can easily replace it and let the person have it.


I'd snatch it right out of his/her hands. This happens to me all the time. This one kid will steal my calculator and my iPad, and taunt me since I don't have it, and he's taller than me so it makes it harder to get it. He thinks it's funny when I get mad about that stuff, but my teacher told me today that he has no self control! Lol





Y u take yourself out


Sorry that I haven't been posting her much

Here is what happened today…
It was a day where you get to know what it's like in 6th grade. I was SOO happy after language arts because it was so much fun! We went to math, when a boy that was before my friend bullied me. BTW it was crazy hat day, and I was wearing a Minnie Mouse headband. I haven't wore it in 4 years, but if still fit me. Anyways, here's what happened:

Bully :smirk:: Hey, how was language arts Minnie Mouse?
Bystander that was my friend 🤣: HAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Me: :neutral_face:
Me in the inside: :disappointed_relieved:

Any advise?




He meant is as a joke probably


Maybe try and talk to him about it, ask why he said that.
And if that doesn't work, talk to a teacher or parent.


Go along with it! Say "Yes, it was good!" Or whatever


Go along with it. Make it funny! Ex. It was awesome!! In a Minnie mouse voice.


Joke with him :3333333


@StarryDream Can I join?
Are you bullied on hop or real life? I'm made fun of by a few kids but it's not that serious
Would you like to help others that are bullied? Of course!
Do you have good advice that could stop bully.ing? Yeah
Have you ever had the thought to stop bull.ying? Yes
Have you ever seen someone get bullied? Yes just yesterday
If so, did you stand up for him/her? Yes me and my friend did.


I'd take it as a joke, Minnie Mouse is pretty cool.


Letting @StarryDream know, plz accept!


I'm sorry for tagging you again @StarryDream, but I didn't know if she was in the club or not. Plz accept!


Just tell him something like "It was good" or ignore him.


Ignore it
If they still say stuff like that get an adult


That's not being bullied. That's life. Just say. It was great. And do your work. Trust me, it will work. Not caring is what really pisses bullies off.