Hopscotchers Against Bu⁣ll⁣y⁣in⁣g! [NEW]



Idk i can ask her to join…


Someone help me
I am having severe HS d.e.p.r.e.s.s.i.o.n because of Boomor


Ima just put this here.

Aaaand add more.

Stand up to Boomor.
Maybe make message to him sound strong and bold, that might intimidate him or show him you’re not some useless weakling he calls you.
I agree with what Fea says. Don’t let him see he brought you down, it’ll give him satisfaction. Or, even better, don’t let him bring you down at all.

Is it weird that this got into a war on hs


I don’t normally chat on hs but people are getting bullied here


We Will Rock You is playing right now and I’m singing at the top of my lungs



I’m so sorry for my negligence. Life has been busy and I love it.

I think having friends supporting you is very important when a malicious person picks you as their target. There was Tina(pseudonym) from last year who harassed me. We happen to go to the same high school but she is in none of my classes. I still bump into her occasionally during break times as she is disliked by many but friends with the popular students. Tina is still obnoxious to me, but I couldn’t care less as I’ve been making many new friends and most girls see me in a good light. My friend and I would be rolling our eyes and laughing while Tina screams and swears.

It’s good to have someone with you in those situations.


This is old but still


I would talk to my friend to find out more about the situation and to help my friend to stop bullying the person,


Hi Everyone!

If you haven’t already seen @TheDeliciousOranges new competition, to create an “end bullying” poster, then I suggest you do so, it looks awesome! I have given the link down below!



Hopefully, I can do this…


@HAB, you know those whiteboards on the drawing topic?
Well UnicornRainbow is apparently buIIying people on there.

Oh sorry, she’s not the buIIy, UnicornRainbow is the one being bullied on there!


Its okay and yes, @HAB @HABleadersPlus i’m being bullied on a WBF.


Not to mention me and you being impersonated.


That’s not good! I will look at it when I get home from school!


Yeah, I caught a screenshot but then the buIIy cleared.


Time to do some reporting…


Hey are you okay? This is quite a serious problem, what else can you tell us or me about this situation? I would love to help you!


The trollbully called her eye drawing rubbish, and then insulted her repeatedly.


That’s awful. Were you there to experience it, and say anything about it?


I was there and I was the one using text to try to tell the buIIy to stop.