Hopscotchers Against Bu⁣ll⁣y⁣in⁣g! [NEW]



Hey, just to say, I think I accidentally found you on Funimate. Lolz.


Actually I don’t have funimate, what is it?


Don’t worry. They are using the same Profile as you


Oh okay! Is it a good app?


Yeah. It’s really good


Here are links to a current bully.ing situation: WereWolfLove is being bullied by Boomor. Bad news is that Boomor deleted the original posts, but here are some responses to what he said.



And good news is that THT can see deleted projects




I don’t have Funimate but I do have TikTok


He’s doing it again here are the links to prove it (I also have pics)


That’s really not good! Is this person, as in the one being bullied, on the forum? I would love to help sort this out!


Fite me Boomor you’re not going to succeed in making me feel bad through insults because that is impossible


I don’t know if WereWolfLove is on the forum. @JACG2018MASTER is friends with her, maybe they could get her on


We should do our best, there are lots of amazing people here who would love to help sort this out!


Wish I could be more intimidating to Boomor bc that’s what I’d be doing if this happened irl but too bad I can’t do that through text


But well done for still doing something in the first place! That counts as well, don’t forget!


GAH!!! WT.F!!!


Yeah, it is honestly so awful, he seemed nice at first. Now he’s in humane.


Can you get WWL on the forum to help sort things out, if possible?