Hopscotchers Against Bu⁣ll⁣y⁣in⁣g! [NEW]



The fanbase community would actually prefer to see a productive Yandere Dev with fewer complaints and more features to show off. We are primarily there to follow game development, not dramatic emotion episodes.


Are you bullied on Hop or real life: Irl
Would you like to help others who are bullied: Yas
Do you have any advice to stop bully.ing: Find courage in your failures
Have you ever had the thought to stop bullyi.ng: All the time
Have you ever seen someone being bullied: yes
If so, did you stand up for him/her: absolutely




Sorry I didn’t take good care of the club. I will revive it when I have plenty of time, trust me.


uuUhhHhHHHHHH I don’t exactly use hopscotch anymore. I kinda come here just every once and a while when I’m bored.


I’ll be there to help also when this club starts to be revived more also!




Also, I really want to help this part of the community all I can so I would like to volunteer to be a moderator. But you can learn to trust me first as it would not be right otherwise. :blush: @HABleadersPlus


I’m not very active anymore, but technically I’m a Leader? Soooo you’re added in. We can’t exactly make you a leader since you’re pretty new, but if you’re continually active we may consider it. :3


Also there’s probably lots of people who are in the group tag who aren’t in the first post, just saying.


Okay, I am going to be very active. I really want to help the community! :hugs:


I’m glad you don’t just let anyone in. You need to learn to trust me first and I completely understand that. :smiley_cat:


Um, I’m not one of the leaders, but okay.


Oh, lol. :joy: I thought you where @tankt2016


Anyone Online? I am. Can I just ask, how many of you have been bullied.

  • I have been bullied
  • I have not been bullied

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I’m not sure if I’ve been bullied, but one time some boys were deliberately aiming at me in Gaga just for being the only girl in the game, it seemed…


Yeah true but they looked about 13 or 14


It’s ok
I’m also very inactive


Come over to my general topic and we’ll have a good chat.


A project I made about stopping Bullyin.g



Cool! But unfortunately I think it’s stuck in the filter, because I don’t see it on your profile, only with the link. It’s probanly stuck because of the word “h.ate”…