Hopscotchers Against Bu⁣ll⁣y⁣in⁣g! [NEW]


They are too upset about what happened to talk about it

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That happens with a kid at school, I keep telling him that it is but he’s so convinced it’s not, it bothers me.



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I have not posted in ages, but I have a story to share. @HAB Please bear with me.

jumble of incoherent thoughts

I’m not entirely new to my school, I have been here for over a year, yet I fail to attach to it nevertheless to blend in. I socialise with many popular female students, they tend to like me. However, I see them more like subjects of entertainment than close friends and vice versa. They laugh at my jokes since I play mean pretty well and they like that. I tried to show them the dimensions I have as in character but they fail to understand.

Those girls enjoy having me around and I like companions. But I have no boyfriend, don’t go to sleepovers, have not had vacations in a while, never shares my complex family dynamics and does not care about who is dating who. They like to see someone different, but I’m either too stuck-up to join their clique or too disinterested to be a close buddy.

I like being with people. I like to let out energy in exchange of energy from them. I don’t like the people I have around very much and I practically use them so I don’t look so lonely. I don’t find our interactions meaningful or enjoying in any way, but frequent solitude is an abyss I would never want to fall into.

I know I’m conceited and think myself better than my friends, and I try to change this way of thinking.


You want to socialize with them, even though you don’t like lots of the stuff they like, so you feel left out? : (

And that is one reason I want to go to a public school. I can relate to that.

I’ve got a story to share too.

So, before I can get to the story, I’ve got to explain some things.

So there’s this game called Animal Jam. It’s a game where you play as an animal, you can create a den (or house:, trade den items (or furniture) and clothing with other kids, and chat with other kids.

How you trade is you put stuff you want to trade to other kids on a trade list, and other kids can select an item on your trade list and trade you some of their own items.

Oh yeah, and every kid starts with a couple basic (some ugly) items.

My brother and I play Animal Jam, so we went to a trading party (to trade stuff) in Animal Jam, and we’re trading with other kids (called Jammers).
Because my brother’s relatively new to the game, he put the basic ugly items he got when he started on his trade list, hoping to get rid of them.

So this one person (I forget the person’s account username, but I know the name of the person’s animal, but I won’t say it so as to not insult anyone), playing as a penguin dressed in holiday clothes, walks over and looks at my brother’s trade list, after my brother says, “TRADE ME NOW,” or something like that.
The person sees all the basic items my brother wants to trade, and then says something along the lines of, “your trade list is bad and don’t say trade me now ppl don’t have to trade if they don’t want to,” then says, “your a meanie.”
My brother says back, “Hey I’m new.”
And the penguin keeps repeating stuff like that, calling my brother mean.
So then I say something like, “hey, he’s new, stop saying his trade list is bad,” because I’m trying not to get reported by the user here while still standing up for my brother.

And then I report the user.

I think Animal Jam shouldn’t allow the word “meanie”.


This story shows everything that’s wrong with the world today.

Kids have far too much access to the internet and take advantage of the anonymity that using the internet provides.

My advice to you:

Don’t take this guy seriously. I think he just misunderstood your brother’s tone.

I’d take “TRADE ME NOW” as an aggressive statement without context too.

Also keep in mind that this person may be younger and less mature than you.


I know.

Most likely; Animal Jam was made for kids ages 9 to 11, I think, so my brother and I are at the higher end of that scale.


Pretty much. It’s difficult how I’m a “people person” but being with the people available is not that enjoyable.



YandereDev or Alex Mahan posted a YouTube video regarding how he was tormented and harassed. He has my deepest sympathy, but I do not like how Mahan portrays himself as a victim so fragile and innocent. Al, please grow up.


I’m sorry that I sound harsh. But I wrote a post about my thoughts and it is on pending. I was very upset.


Oh man

I saw that video

It got a lot of controversy in the comments


People on animal jam sometimes get really upset about small things.

Back when I used to play that game I’d have people calling me out for scamming when I would just be declining trades.

Just ignore them. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


To be honest if you feel that way around them maybe they just aren’t suited to be friends with you.

Are there other people you could become friends with?


I saw that too. To be genuine, Mahan would be much better off not sharing that much of himself and focus on the game. He could put less focus on the negativity he receives and plays the victim less often. I’ve been following Yandere Simulator’s development since early 2016 and his videos have never been so whiny since recent months.


I accidentally deleted a post, ubfkesbfjesafguesfuegsufkegukfeg.

It was short anyway. So the story was a girl who harassed me in the past insulted me in front of my friends and no one stood up for me. She was an unusual bully, retaliation or ignoring or any other methods did not work. I thought my “friends” cared about me, yet nobody said a word and just watched. She kept touching/swearing at me and said I read so often because I have no friends. I told her to go away, then one of my “friends” asked me why do I dislike that girl so much.

How disheartening.

After the others have left, my bully behaved worse. Eloquence was no use in that situation. The resolution was me kicking her stomach twice. She ran away.

I’m mostly upset because the people I thought were friends so much lacked their sense of justice that they pretended what happened was completely acceptable.



I’m sorry that I sound like I forgot my morning dose of tranquilliser. I imagined handling the situation with grace, but I am not who I picture myself to be.


Yea I agree!
I’ve been watching yandere dev for awhile but not since 2016, more like 2017 and I haven’t but watching too many of his videos recently but I really think that all this work really has made him really grouchy.

It started with the email issue and just got worse from there