Hopscotchers Against Bu⁣ll⁣y⁣in⁣g! [NEW]



Hey man! It’s been forever since I’ve seen you. How’s it going?


Ok :ok_hand: iOS 11-11.1.2 jailbreak comin soon



Where have you been?


Got bored of hopscotch, too many ranters on the forum, school. Decided I’d come back and maybe stay a while during Christmas time


Are you bullied on Hop or in real life? Not really, but it’s happened before.
Would you like to help others who are bullied? Yes!!
Do you have good advice that can stop ■■■■■■■■? Yes!! Definitely. I have some experience and some books.
Have you ever had the thought to of stop ■■■■■■■■? Of course!!
Have you ever seen anyone getting bullied? Yes, in a way.
If so, did you stand up for him/her? Yes




Thanks for applying!

You are accepted!

Just to watch out type bully ing like
"bully ing" so that it doesn’t become censored!


:heart: SmilingStudios


Hi. I am new and I would like to join this club.


Hey @AwesomeKid69, welcome! I’ll add you in once you fill out the form at the top.



Hello! :slight_smile:
You seem awesome like your name!
My name is Smiling and I have been here for a long time!

Nice to see you! :slight_smile:
If you have any questions please ask me! :slight_smile:


Okay. My question is where is the form that I fill out to join the club?


At the top of the page.


Thanks! I hope I get in and make the world a better place


Have you been accepted yet, oh well

Accepted! Thank you!


Accepted! Thank you!


Activity time!
(I’ve been gone for so long )

What’s the best way to handle a bully?


Here’s also a really great video that I saw in class about bullying


Check my above post (5568/9) about it.


Tell a teacher/principal/counselor/trusted adult.


Same here.


Don’t let this topic die my freinds


I’m sorry

I’m so sorry mates