Hopscotchers Against Bu⁣ll⁣y⁣in⁣g! [NEW]



How bad is it? If what the kid does really hurts you, than you should tell a trusted adult. If not, than pretend like it doesn’t matter. That always annoys bullies!


Well, the bully makes fun of how I talk. I have a tiny accent when I talk, so he makes fun of me.


What kind of accent? (It doesn’t matter for the bully thing I’m just curious.) Also, I don’t think that’s a good reason for him/her bullyin.g you. You should just ignore him/her. You should love any accent.


It’s kinda a mixed accent. I’m happy of my accent, but I tried asking him today why he started bullyin.g me in kindergarten that led up to now, he just pretended like he didn’t hear me.


Well then do that to him back. Just ignore anything he says because it isn’t true. I bet your voice is beautiful.


Part two of my story!

Today the bully made fun of me here is the aftermath:

Me: Your rude for doing that!

Bully: Ya, so are you. I guess we are even now.

Me: speechless

Bully: turned around

Part 3
It was the end of the class. The bully wasn’t mean to me, he was just annoying like usual



Never be speechless. Always have a response.

Advice on your situation:

How I would’ve handled the situation:

You should be good to go.

Bore them, wear them out while exerting as little energy as possible on them and avoid actually paying attention to what they’re saying. If they’re bored and they haven’t wasted your time, energy and/or anger/sadness, they’ve ultimately failed. They aren’t getting the reaction they want, they aren’t having fun and they aren’t even being ignored, a situation they also would’ve dealt with.

Hope this helps, keep us up-to-date on what happens next! We’re all here to help!

Right @HAB? What happened to you guys?



That’s really good advice for everyone!


WOW!!! Your good at this!!! That’s for the advise!!! I’ll definitely use this next time when a bully makes fun of me…again. Anyways thanks!!!


I honestly wish I wasn’t good at this but I guess I’m experienced.

Thanks and I hope it helps. Let me know how your future bully encounters go.


I have a new hater problem! Yay! My 6th one to this date…


Aren’t you supposed to be the bullyin.g helpers? You missed a massive session of it not long ago…


Oh. Want to talk about it?


Bullying helpers? Well no. At least not me specifically.

Everyone here is welcome to help one another, the Moderators are long-time members who made a valiant effort and manage a few extra things, read the top post for clarification.

I’m not sure what I missed though, can you clarify? If you’re talking about someone getting bullied live on the Forum, I may not have been on, or I wasn’t tagged at the time. I can’t be on the Forum watching for bullies all the time, ya know? :slight_smile:

If you’re talking about @Explorer_’s first post about her bullying problem (part one), it didn’t contain very many details on the conversation(s) for me to help her improve on like the second one did.


I would like to join! :smiley:

Are you bullied on Hop or in real life? No, I am not being bullied. I used to have a few Hopscotchers that didn’t like me, but it wasn’t quite bullying.
Would you like to help others who are bullied? Yes! I do know what it feels like to be hurt by bullies, I would love to help prevent anyone from feeling that!
Do you have good advice that can stop bullying? The advice would depend on the situation, really. I’ve solved a few problems on Hopscotch though that has involved not so nice projects.
Have you ever had the thought to of stop bullying? Yes, I’ve always hated hearing stories of bullies, I want to stop it!
Have you ever seen anyone getting bullied? At my school at he beginning of the year, a sixth grader was being rude to another sixth grader that was in my group.
If so, did you stand up for him/her? Yes, I told the sixth grader who was being rude that we don’t say things like that at our school, and he listened :slight_smile:
@HABleadersPlus @Sensei_Coder


Thank you for filling it in!

You are accepted!

I would add you on to the list ASAP! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Added! :smile:


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If there are anymore issues, please try using that technique.

Welcome @SmileyAlyssa


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Awesome! You’re in ;3