Hopscotchers Against Bu⁣ll⁣y⁣in⁣g! [NEW]


1. Why do you think people would choose to create a website like this? Maybe they dislike David/think he is weird or different because of his mental illness. Or maybe they’re just bullies, and they want to be “cool” or whatever.

2. How do think David would feel if he was aware of all of this happening behind his back? Probably unloved and very hurt. Honestly, it may even make my mental illness worse, if I were them.

3. Is it ok for Paula to pass on the email? She isn’t going on the website to say anything nasty herself. What David doesn’t know about can’t hurt him, right? Nope. You’re just as involved as the next person, no matter if you just made an account or if you posted daily.

4. What consequences could be given to the people who created this website? Probably detention and a forced apology to David. Worst case scenario, they get suspended or maybe even expelled.

5. Imagine you are each of the three types of characters in this story. The bullies, the bystander (Paula) and the victim (David). In this case, David IS aware of the situation. What would you do as each?
BULLIES: I would think: Is this worth it? Then I would be sure to tell the owner of the website to take it down as soon as I could.
PAULA: Again, tell the owner of the site to take it down. Then I would be sure to be nice to David and comfort him.
DAVID: Make an account on the site to tell them to stop. Then I would tell a teacher or a parent as quickly as possible.


If you know David, tell him he’s a cool person!


Dear @HAB,

I’m going to return in a few days and give advice to anyone and everyone with a bullying issue.

Please share anything you want and don’t feel pressured to give me details you aren’t comfortable with sharing but don’t hold back on any mistakes you made because we’re all friends here and at the end of the day, we all make mistakes.

I joined this club to help those who are being bullied by others and I feel like I can do more than asking questions to support that cause.

It’ll be easier for me to help you all out if you’re clear, kind, consistent, honest and you WANT help. I can’t help you if you tell me not to, I can’t help you if you lie to me and I certainly can’t help you if you don’t tell me the real issue.

Hit me with your best shots.



Activity Time!

What gives strength to a bully? (Not physical strength)



Letting them make you angry makes them think very high of themselves. Doing what they want also makes them think tht they control you.


Encouragement, fear, anger and any other reaction.

A lot of bullies these days aren’t just trying to take their anger out onto other people, but they’re trying to make up for what they feel is a lack of appreciation and attention from their parents by getting the reactions of other people instead.

If you ignore the bully, you may not THINK you’re getting anything done, but really, you’re harmlessly depriving them of the thing they’re trying to get from you, and if no one gives them what they want, they’ll give up altogether.

This may lead on to getting help for the bully if things go how I have described them because if they aren’t getting any love or support for anything (not even their GOOD actions), they could begin to self-harm or, God forbid, take their own lives.

@HAB, does nobody need anything? I’m sorry for tagging you all twice. I’m not sure whether I’m glad that nobody has any problems or afraid that people don’t want my help.


They know that they can and will hurt their victim.


WARNING: What I’ll say here will offend some people, I’m just trying to add something new to the conversation. Hate me if you want, but please keep in mind that everyone can have different opinions about different stuff. Capiche? Thanksss

Here ya gooooo

Sometimes the victims have done bad things to the bully in the past/are doing them right now… For example, there’s this kid who beat a girl up after school one day and then poof, that girl bullied him. I’m not taking any sides here and I don’t think the girl did the right thing, just remember that sometimes, there are more factors in bullying that trying to be “cool”.

Yeah so thanks for reading I guess???

please don’t hate me too much ;-;


That’s a good point!


There was no need for the huge warning, everyone’s opinions are valued here. We aren’t all the same so we can’t expect each other to think the same.

I really like your point and feel that it was well put.


heh, thanks @yaygirls @Jojo
I agree, my huge warning wasn’t really necessary… :sweat_smile: I just put it cause last time I gave my honest opinion, there was a lot of backlash :P


Oh boy, oh boy do I get that.

Don’t worry about it :wink:


Hey everyone if anyone remembers me lol

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I remember you brother.


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quick tips:

  1. If u get bullyed or u see someone else getting bullird stand up for yourself or that other person. If u can’t then ask someone who can like a friend or family.

  2. Don’t bully in general even if someone has done something bad to u don’t do it back and maybe do something about what they did to you but not in a hurting way.

  3. Treat people how u want to be treated.


if your conversation goes lik3 this ur in trubble.

Bully: you’re an idi.ot
Gary: well u suc.k
Bully: your stu.pid and have no fashion sense. Are you blind?
Gary: shu.t up! My clothes are cool!

If it goes like this your winning

Bully: your an idi.ot
Gary: yeah. We all do silly things sometimes. No one is perfect
Bully: well, your clothes are weird
Gary: well, you might think that in your brain, but in mine my clothes are kittens.
Bully: umm…your face is…ugly
Gary: no ones face is perfect


Story Time!

There is a kid in one of my classes who ever since kindergarten starts bullyin.g me, again! I’ve been bullied so many times. Especially this year. I don’t know why though! I haven’t done anything bad to him. In kindergarten he started bullyin.g me, and I didn’t even know him that much.

Anyways… if your story is somewhat like mine, just don’t let the bully get to you.

Activity Part!

Have you ever been in a situation like mine? What did you do about it?



I had never had someone bully me since kindergarten, but I do have some advice for you. If you haven’t told the teacher then do it obviously and maybe ask the bully why. If the bully is hitting you have to tell the teacher same with verbal bullyin.g. Talk to your friends or parents about it too. I hope this helps.