Hopscotchers Against Bu⁣ll⁣y⁣in⁣g! [NEW]



You can fill in the form:

Do you have enough time to be a Mod?
Can you come up with good activity ideas?
Will you be proactive as a Mod?
Do you mind being tagged?
Will you be a good Mod and take good care of H.A.B with the other Leaders+?
Are you capable of cooperating with others?
Would you promise me that you will take responsibility as a Mod?
Do you want to be a Mod?
most importantly
If yes, do you think that you are ready to be Mod?

if you fill it out tag Starrydream


@StarryDream am I in?


I think that 80% of people have been bullied in their life


Can anyone join this? Because I would love to!


There’s a form, but we usually accept everyone anyway for some reason.

The form is in the top post


I think everyone in HAB should see this
Can I tag HAB?


This is a big bully on HS right now…


Do yourself a favour, and calm down



I can’t calm down…everyone knows that I have always been a number one target for haters…I have been called several curse words…from the n word to the a word…I am not going to calm down…


I, myself have been cursed at countless times. People tries to sabotage me by throwing useless insults. Why are you overreacting when the solution is so simple? Put down your device and stay far, far away.


Because I want to chat and have fun with people and people think I’m a horrible person…


Look – remember that this person is just degrading you because they feel bad about themselves, and because they’re insecure, angry, and self-denigrating. Don’t give them what they want and feel any less about yourself.


No actually this wasn’t a bad person…this was another deal…this person is actually just doing. Something…you wouldn’t understand but it has something to do with HHA

SᎾᏢhᎥᎪ71205's ᎶᎬᏁᎬᏒᎪᏞ ᏆᎾᏢᎥᏟ (You're awesome! -DMF) (ScotchTape says u da best) (YOU ARE A GREAT HOPSCOTCHER SAYS HOPED HOPPER) (Sophia’s so amazing. seriously you’ll never meet anyone else like her. -photo) (Sophias so cool she could be an ice cube-Raven)


THIS is exactly the reason why they target you. THIS is why they come at you. You are the perfect victim for them. Your mindset gave them the invitation!

Change yourself.


Ohh okay…
So that was all an act? That’s good to hear :blush:


they just made a mistake
Yes, it was a cruel one

but that doesn’t make them an idiot or a jerk


Ok then we can both delete the past few posts…


I have over 200 notifications on HSF… sigh


Welcome back, big sis!