Hopscotchers Against Bu⁣ll⁣y⁣in⁣g! [NEW]



Dat ain’t happening bro


tru, agreed. society needs to stop with the stereotypes =DD


Lana, Tumblr, please?


Yep! What did you want to tell me? =D


Mee toooo
Sometimes I’m the mute quiet kid
Sometimes I’m the happy funny one


Activity Time!

How many people are bullied do you think, in the world in any point of their life?





2 billion (I know that’s a lot, but considering there is 7 billion people on this planet …)


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Anywhere from a couple million to several billion


Millions and millions.


I think it’s everyone in some way.


So many :frowning: whether they are bullied, or they bully themselves in a way


People like me


Everyone. Every single person on this Earth has been bullied in some way. It may be indirectly, but in some way everyone has been bullied. They may have been bullied by people, by life, by their own mind. But everyone has.


A lot


Hundreds of millions. Or billions.


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I think that everyone in the world is bullied at one point or another in their life, even if simply by their own selves.