Hopscotcher’s topic for memes and other stuff 😎 (my gt) (yeehaw) (this is the one for realz) (announcements on projects and more!) (the meme lord was here)



Yes. It was enough for @Awesome_E to understand it all.


-1 point because no car insurance rate discount


Why was your first GT lounged?


My first Gt?

Probably because of the title


Hold up, unlounged one of them, will move All posts in this topic to that one


Talking about Hopscotcher’s


Ok, all the posts are here now. Happy Hopscotching!


now I can’t make a the first post a wiki


I can though, hold up


There, your first post is now a wiki


A third one? What happened to the first 2? They were both closed, then unlisted, then all the posts deleted. What?

What works this time?


The posts were not deleted. They were merged into this previously duplicate topic which is now being reused.


And the “hope it works this time” was referring to when my very first gt was closed for flags and I decided to make another one. That one was lounged (as you probably guessed) so I made this one. I put that it was the 3rd try. Now it’s being used again.


@Master_Alchemist thanks for da ratings! I am very surprised that you put 7 for art as I don’t do anything related to art anymore. Unless you are talking about the art in my games, as in the design?

It’s also very cool that my name is on your favorite hopscotchers list! :smiley:
The problem is that my Hopscotch username (Hopscotcher​:sunglasses::sunglasses:) doesn’t really work on the forum as you saw in the parentheses, so what you have to do is put a space between the “Hopscotcher” and the double :sunglasses:s. This is how it looks: Hopscotcher :sunglasses::sunglasses:. It’s not the exact same as my actual username, but it’s close enough.


Thanks to Hopscotcher for the HD webplayer!


Do you mean the sharp text I published when I was playing around with @Awesome_E’s JSON editor?


I saw your project about it just now! It was also thanks to @Awesome_E whom made the JSON editor.


Hoi peeps



You can get the menu up, but it won’t work because it’s disabled