Hopscotcher’s topic for memes and other stuff 😎 (my gt) (yeehaw) (this is the one for realz) (announcements on projects and more!) (the meme lord was here)



I’m taking a short brake. Brake done. I’ll be back in a while m8


post 30


Post 31 >


So why a second gt? what happened to the first?


I think it got 10000 posts I dunno


Some small thing, I saw it but still don’t really understand, was it personal info?


How do you think that I got to 10000 posts and the day before have 2000?


Oops didn’t see your first GT :sweat_smile:


Let’s all look at this:


What do you mean?


Bananas are amazing


Dat emoji tho. image


Ok now I know why thank you


You do? Or was that sarcasm. I don’t get it.


Both. I do know why but I was being sarcastic that it was the bananas


Why was it closed?


:x: Will not say, in courtesy of @Hopscotcher


Thought that might happen…


Because, obviously, bananas are amazing.


Of course. Total sense. So true. (I actually hate bananas. They are just so mushy and they smell horrible.)