Hopscotcher’s General Topic



Cough Cough


Sorry, I have not been on HS in a week, I think…


I won’t be on Hopscotch for longer.


Are you leaving? or just not for longer meaning today or this year?


This year. I’ll be liking things and be on the forum though, but all work on projects will be stopped.


Your new music project is great!


Am I doing something that makes the trending formula really like my projects? Everything gets on trending!


Thanks! I did all of the Green Day requests!


Woohoo! I made something! It’s seed-based background generation!
Check it out! This might be my last project of the year.


Hello??. Hhhhhhhhhhhh


Hello! How are you today?


I got an idea and made a simple game here:
Do y’all think it’s seems like an ok game idea?


I can’t access the link. It’s giving me the 404 link


Hmmm… try closing out hopscotch and then tapping it.


I think CoM’s idea of nominating projects for featured from people who’d like to on Hopscotch seems really cool because many more people can possibly get featured! I might try doing that when I come back in 2019.


My ideas are really at a low right now. I need more games so I get more followers so I can make more games! Any ideas? @GweTV? @CoderOfMagic? And I want featured. I’ve been on Hopscotch for 2 years!


it is very cool, but what happens when the requested projects aren’t featured? peeps might flip out.


oh well


I’ll put on the form that MAYBE they’ll get featured.


Complex tapper game…