Hopscotcher Quotes of the week!



Hey guys it's redo122 here and today I decided to do a hopscotcher quote of the week. So insperation for this comes from @Waffle_Draws:

But anyway how this works... So each week I will be chosing a silly thing that someone said or something that is funny and quoting it here!! Also to make it better you can nominate people!!

This week's:
GAYS :clap: IN :clap: SPACE ร— Waffโ€™s General Topic


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm bad at poetry


ah i like this idea a lot!! especially since the topic is too old and i can't edit my quote board anymore >:00

looking forward to seeing what we can find!!



*whispers* i said that :0



I looked at Birthdays In April and your birthday is on my birthday :tada:!!!

I know, random :3


My birthday's in February, but if you mean the day, then cool. That's kinda off topic, though.


audible gasp
Cool! :>
So the funscotchers will be remembered forecer!


I'm sorry. I wasted your time


oops I forgot to say that they will be chosen on Monday (or Sunday if you live in America cus I live in Australia!!)