Hopscotcher Memes


Basically, you make memes, out of Hopscotchers. My example is of the lovely @Gilbert189

If you are extremely confused, look at his profile picture. I know there's a hopscotch meme and make memes in hopscotch page, but this one is turning hopscotchers into memes. I know I didn't do this, but in the future please ask the Hopscotcher permission before making them into a meme. Also try to keep these Hopscotch or forum related, even though my example wasn't. I made this meme myself by adding Gilberto's profile picture head to a Pikachu body, and then using img.flip meme generator to get the words.


@Bananadog can I put you in a Jumpyduckz meme?


Of course! :D

I love this idea! XD


@Gilbert189 @Bananadog you guys are probably going to be my victims special Hopscotchers in my memes XD

And other peeps.

But I already have an idea XD


I'm so excited to see people's memes :DD

I procrastinate too much to make my own XD




That is so amazing XD


wen u in teh math topic but u don't no anything that's going on der


@Gilbert189 I need bigger pic of profile pic pls n thicks


K I just have a question

Who else remembers the this Maltese is a bomb gif?




ohmgee so sassy


No the complete one

It is so amazing 11/10 still gud job Gilbert this is my fav gif of all time


Just liek Anonemus



That is the best gif ever. XD :ok_hand:


Gilbert is the pro gif wizard

He should open up GIFs inc.


True. XD

And it should be partners with PE (Procrastination Enterprises XD). XD


I'm so proud of this

I just need a caption one minute


I totally agree.

BTW we've had 761 hours of procrastination in the last two months