Hopscotcher and project of the month!


Alright, I got this idea from @Follow4LikesOfficial. So you know how follow4LikesOfficial did like the Hopscothcher of the year? Well, I really liked that! It was super cool! So I wanted to do something similar to that! (I'm not trying to copy or anything but I thought it was AMAZING!)

So what I want to do is that on here we can vote for great people and great projects. And they don't necessarily have to be famous, it could be just undiscovered talent!

And then in the first week of every month, we can publish the results! It would be really cool!

So these are the subjects to vote for every month:

Best Artist
Best Idea
Best Game
Best Project

I think this would be a great way to make someone feel happy and special! And I really want to do it! So please please please if you have anything to share about this including tips, people&projects, and what you feel about this. Thanks!!!! I really would love to hear from you!

Best new projects

That's a great idea @SmileyAlyssa! Do you need any help?


How about every week?


Can I help too? You are definitely the best hopscother though.


I think that would be a little hard... Plus it wouldn't be as special. It would be like having Christmas every day, you wouldn't be as excited and you wouldn't feel as special as the glory of being picked as best hopscothcer.


Oh yah please help! EVERYONE: please start giving me the link/names of awesome games, hopscotchers, and art!

And @SoBit I'm pretty sure I'm not the best! :sweat_smile: Look at you! :+1: EVERYONE IS AMAZING!!!


Wow RubyWolf you are on right now?

Do you have school tomorrow?


I nominate @OrangeScent1 and @LotsaPizza for art and @PopTart0219 for coding!


Yah thanks! Do you know anybody else that isn't really that famous but is still really good? Because I think you are really good, but no offense like orange scent and LotsaPizza just got Hopscotcher of year award...


So maybe someone else who hasn't gotten a ton of publicity yet. I want to give other people a chance.


Are you talking about me???if yes then thanks so much! I know that Polar Panda Ice, Food. and Cheshire Tree are superb artists or TappyMLP


Yah I'm talking to you @JaszyKake


Off topic: I just started following you :smiley:


Omg you are lucky I got 1% on how smart are you???:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat: you got 96!


Yes and I go back to school February 8th.


I have to go now thanks for the nominations! I really like your art! I forgot you drew me! I like it lots!


Realy? They should have put a disclaimer: TOTALLY INACCURATE SOMETIMES it wasn't too bad for me. I' m in gifted and talented class so yeah...


Really? SO AM I!!!! I actually skipped a grade in math. My math teacher ROCKS! I hated math but he's really cool and funny so now I kinda like it. But yah I'm in what we call the TAG program.


This is a genius idea! Let me know if you need help :smile:


This seems like a good idea, but it could get out of control. People could get their feelings hurt by not being nominated. And if you do win, people could brag.