HopscotchBoard Awards! [Nominees!] [VOTE IN POST 219 OR 220 ONLY]



I believe I will have to be awarded in everything. LEL JUST KIDDING


Um 5


You can't nomanite yourself


I added some stuff
@KVJ are you on
I nominated u!!!


I'm the best spam liker! Yah!


Anyone can do this but when a catogory is filled with 5 people just put [FULL] next to it
Everyone got that?
And this is if I'm gone and that happens
Then if it doesn't say full when it reaches 5 people then it could go crazy!


Maybe we should put specific categories under a major category so people won't clog it with nominees. It's just a suggestion, but you can do whatever you want.

I can understand if that gets annoying. I'll put this topic on watching so I'll see if anyone edits the post if you're gone. Then I'll tag you. (for some reason apostrophes don't work anymore XD)


Can I nominate mini for best hopscotcher on the forum even tho she hasnt been here for a year?


Yeah that's totally fine


Okay thank you


Wow 73 notifications @HappyPerson!!


I'm not done yet silly McNilly


My fav song is shape of you also!
And what are your 2 lucky numbers


My lucky numbers are....... 31 and 21. 31 because it's my date of birth, the 31st day of the month, and 21 because of twenty one pilots


Oh my lucky numbers are.....
12 bc my dads fav number is 12
7 cause dats my moms lucky number
28 cause that's a dob from my fam not telling who


I also love Don't Let me Down by The Chainsmokers and Daya and I also like Lean On by Major Lazer and DJ Snake


All same
Do u like castle on the hill by ed Sheeran
Or do u like Derek hough or know him?
I love The Chainsmokers
I like clean bandits song rockabye


I also like Justin Bieber and Taylor swift Bebe Rexa
And so many others


Oh and I like Shawn Mendes and his new song there's nothing Holden me back


Thanks @Hitokage and anyone else for nominating me! That was the only notification I saw. I appreciate it. I do not like these awards though. I thought of myself as a good artist but now my self esteem has lowered.