HopscotchBoard Awards! [Nominees!] [VOTE IN POST 219 OR 220 ONLY]



As yo know the billboard awards are this may so I wanted to make the billboard awards but with hs!
So you can make any catogory you want but just edit what ever post the nominees are in!
(And if you edit you have to put the catogories on forum or hs!)

So this is about like the hopscotch users and forum users that are popular (just like the real awards) and have lots of game changers and with the forum like people that have great topics and are popular and could be leaders and helpful
I know everyone is so you can nominate anyone even if they aren't popular just to brighten their day

Ok i hope you get going!

- polls will be made when all 30 catogories are filled
- awards date is soon to be announced


List (114 tags)
@Milkypup lol
Get the latest list here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/official-mass-tag-list-omtl/16843


1. Best Topics [FORUM] @TheAcingGamer @LavenderArts @StarryDream @lollypopcorn @Maltese [FULL]
2. Best Spamliker [FORUM]@HappyPerson @ValueGamesStudio @DECODECO @OnceUponATime @Candycane [FULL]
3. Best Projects [HS]@KayKat @UnderagedCoder1 @CreationsOfANoob @KVJ @SmilingSnowflakes [FULL]
4. Best Hopscotcher of the year [HS]@SuperGirl3Acer @CreationsOfaNoob @t1_hopscotch @KVJ @Maltese [FULL]
5. Best hopscotcher of the year [FORUM]@Maltese @t1_hopscotch @MiNi @HappyPerson @FearlessPhoenix [FULL]
6. Kindest Hopscotcher [FORUM]@Artistic_cat @lollypopcorn @Maltese @MiNi @HappyPerson @FearlessPhoenix [FULL]
7. Best Artist Of The Year[HS] @SuperGirl3Acer @Serenity @Artistic_cat @Grizzlyzoe @DMF [FULL]
8. Best Artist Of The Year[FORUM]@SmilingSnowflakes @Kayro @DrCrazyChicken @TheDrawer @Pingu [FULL]
9. Best New Hopscotcher[HS] @UnderagedCoder1 @Hitokage @WhoNeedsAName @MusicalPaintbrush @SoaringFeathers[FULL]
10. Funniest Hopscotcher[FORUM] @DrCrazyChicken @HappyPerson @Maltese @RubyWolf1 @we2fd_the_cat [FULL]
11. Most Active[FORUM] @DrCrazyChicken @SmilingSnowflakes @Maltese @PixelMaster64 @lollypopcorn [FULL]
12. Most Active[HS] @Hitokage @FearlessPhoenix @YogiLC @MiNi @Maltese [FULL]
13. Best new hopscotcher[forum] @TheAcingGamer @HappyPerson @background_inc @CodiLabs @Hitokage
14. Best GIFS @RubyWolf1 @DMF @Artistic_cat @KVJ @braybraylovesmonkeys [FULL]
15. Best Joker @PixelMaster64 @lollypopcorn @Artistic_cat @MiNi [FULL]
16. People that are gone but still everyone loves @MagmaPOP @FoodDelivery @Snoopy @thomas @CatWithABrush [FULL]
17. Best Pixel Art Maker @Dylan329 @Dolphin_coders @FoodDelivery @SmilingSnowflakes @PixelMaster64 [FULL]
18. Best Backgrounds @FreshGuppy @background_inc @lollypopcorn @FoodDelivery @KayKat [FULL]
19. Best Game Cosmetics(No Bugs, Good Controls, etc...) @CreationsOfaNoob @Valgo @KVJ @MagmaPOP @Bananadog [FULL]
20. Happiest Hopscotcher @happyfacegirl @SmileyAlyssa @AHappyCoder @HappyPerson @lollypopcorn [FULL]
21. Best Trail Art @Maltese @SmilingSnowflakes @Pingu @FearlessPhoenix @FoodDelivery [FULL]
22. Most mature @SmilingSnowflakes @Maltese @Sweater @MiNi @t1_hopscotch [FULL]
23. Most on-topic @XiaoMiaoMi @t1_hopscotch @Maltese @Kiwicute2013 @Gilbert189 [FULL]
24. Best Unnoticed Hser [FORUM] @DrCrazyChicken @Periwinkle_Dolphin @YogiLC @PeriwinkleElephant @Paige1212_Backup [FULL]
25.Best Unnoticed Hser [HS] @Icedsickle @Periwinkle_Dolphin @FearlessPhoenix @braybraylovesmonkeys @HRR1213 [FULL]
26. Most inspirational @Maltese @Sweater @Sweetlina @A.K_Studios46 @SmilingSnowflakes [FULL]
27. Most Helpful @HRR1213 @MiNi @t1_hopscotch @ThinBuffalo @Maltese [FULL]
28. Best Profile Picture [FORUM] @KittyShip @we2fd_the_cat @SmilingSnowflakes @Periwinkle_Dolphin @Pingu @randomowlsLC [FULL]
29. User card Bg @DrCrazyChicken @HRR1213 @Pingu @SmilingSnowflakes @MiNi [FULL]
30. best Bad grammar @KVJ @PixelMaster64 @KVJ_Backup @lollypopcorn @Kayro[FULL]


I nominated @Artistic_cat


You can nominate anybody for any category




I added some new categories


THANK YOU @LavenderArts)


I nominated you XD

because whenever I'm on HS you always seem to be there


Lol, I Am always on,
except when I Am sleeping



Me, not so much, I'm there every four hours lol


Can i nominate myself?


I would nominate you for best coder​:grin:


No i was going to nominate for best new hopscotcher


I doubt it, Paige usually doesn't allow that in her other nominations. But idk.


Oh, thanks :D

I don't deserve that... :0


Did you nominate me for best new forumer?


me idk if i deserve it either


You nominated yourself I saw it


How many people can go in each category? Five? Ten??


Random numbers lol