HopscotchArt&Games Contest!



HopscotchArt&Games Official Project Contest

Hello Everyone! Welcome Back And Sorry For Being Inactive. So Here Is A Project Contest!
So Here Are All The Rules

  1. Do Not Use Inappropriate Things In Your Project. + If So, Your Project WILL Be Reported.
  2. Do Not Beg For Likes, Remixes, Follows, Branches, Or And Anything Trying To Share Your Project.
  3. Any Type Of Project Can Be Made.

Voting Ends This Summer!




Just a tip: To get more people to enter, you may want to change the title to

HopscotchArt&Games Project Contest!

Just helping. :wink:


Thanks For The Tip! :grinning:


Contest Shutdown Due To No Results


Aw, I only came here a few days ago. Will you run the contest again??


Possibly... I Shut It Down Because I Saw No Contestants...


We already have the Hopscotch Annual Summer contest on, plus a Birthday contest by @tankt2016 , so maybe you could wait until those end (in August) until you do this one again, so people will be able to devote more time to it