Hopscotchable Music Ideas?


I'm currently making music on hopscotch. I have a ton of pieces in my head, but none of them can fit 2 octaves. What are some ideas that I can use?
By Hopscotchable I mean music that can be hopscotchified.


I play the cello, and i have some pretty cool pieces! One is a "march"(pretty boring) one is a REALLY cool sci-fi (which i am plannjng to code) and the other one is called" Sleigh Bells Jingling. Its wintry and pretty. Hope that helped a bit


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all of them, hopscotch all of the music. it is possible, but not in super high quality, to do any song in a double octave without lyrics, so.... hopscotch ALL the musics


Oh, I use LMMS, which is more geared toward electronic music.


I play clairenet


i will do lil pump shynee