Hopscotch Zine!

Hi everyone! I’m Here1Am and I’m starting a Hopscotch zine.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a zine (a name derived from fanzine, short for fan magazine) is “…a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images” defined by Wikipedia. Basically, it’s a self published book/magazine made for a small audience. Zines can be all sorts of things, from comics to informative pamphlets to whatever else!

While zines have more traditionally been done on paper and then photocopied, modern technology has allowed for a rise in popularity of the digital zine, which is essentially the same as a normal zine however it allows for more freedom in terms of color, ease of creation, and accessibility.

I recently had the honor of being offered and completing a paid assignment to create art for a digital zine, and this experience has inspired me to try and create a zine of my own, on Hopscotch! But to do this, I need your help.

For the first issue of this zine, I’m thinking of a winter theme! I would like everyone who can to submit art/poetry/whatever creations you can think of (as long they’re appropriate and stay on topic, of course :wink: ). Ideas for this theme include:
-A drawing depicting winter or holiday themes/characters
-Poetry about winter and how it makes you feel
-Informational page about a winter holiday or tradition you partake in
-A how-to guide of how to code a winter themed project, like a snow man trail art or something similar
-A digital photo collage about winter
-Winter recipe pages (hot cocoa, cookies, etc)
-Anything else you can think of!

Any of these are more than okay, but there are a couple things to keep in mind. Firstly, if it’s a drawing/collage or you’re planning on making the full page for your submission, I ask that you keep the page close to a 4 x 5 ratio! If not exact it’s okay, but keep in mind that I may crop it to fit those proportions. Secondly, if what you submit is only text (which is more than okay!) I will create a background/backdrop for it myself (unless someone else wants to submit backdrops for it) so your text may not end up looking exactly how you expected.

The way I plan on making this zine is in the form of a book on Hopscotch, so the project will be essentially an e-book coded into hopscotch where you’re able to flip through the pages, and each page will be a different submission.

Any photo submissions of art or pages including text I ask that you post in the Drawing With Hopscotch topic and link back to me! Any text submissions you can simply put here.

This is not a competition, everyone’s entries will be included as long as they’re appropriate and fit the theme. I’ll make sure to credit everyone on what they make :slight_smile: . The due date for submissions is January 1st, and I’ll have the zine put out on my account “Here1Am” sometime within the first 2 weeks of January.

Let me know if you’re planning on participating:

  • Yes, I’m planning on participating
  • No, I’m not planning on participating/accidentally voted
  • Maybe I will participate, I’m not sure yet

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Here’s a couple videos to help you get started!
More information about zines: Let's Talk About Zines and Why You Should Make One - YouTube

Ideas for how to make your digital page: How to Make a Digital Zine - YouTube
or Create A Zine At Home! | Adobe InDesign How To - YouTube

Keep in mind you don’t need to follow these videos exactly or even at all! They’re purely here for inspiration purposes.

Thank you all, and I can’t wait to see what you create!


this is such a cool idea!! can’t wait to see what you come up with!!


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This sounds super cool! Could I please do a drawing? Also, how much is a 4x5 ratio?


Yes, anyone can do a drawing! A 4x5 ratio would be the equivalent of 1200 by 1500 pixels, or just like slightly taller square. It might help to google images, but no issue at all if it’s not exact I will just crop it slightly :)


Ok thanks!


Hey @Here1Am so if this is goNan be a comp could I give prizes to participants and if the zines are being judged, I could give more prizes


What does GoNan mean? /genq
Also I don’t plan on judging the different submissions, but I appreciate the offer


Ohh I just realized you meant gonna
Anyways, I’m not planning on judging like I said, but if you want to give prizes to the participants feel free, I greatly appreciate it :)
if not its also okay, and sorry for the confusion on my end


Alright, I’ll give 3 likes on game of choice to participants :]


That sounds great! Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll also like participants projects and give them a follow




I am so excited! And participating !!


Tysm!! I really love your drawing :slight_smile: /gen

cant wait to see what you create!


@Here1Am Is this still going on?

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