Hopscotch Yearbook 2019 Project (Writing is full rn!)

Before you say this could go in the General Project Updates topic, this is a kind of collab.

So I had an idea to code a log or yearbook of all the changes, big events, and other stuff that happened to Hopscotch this year.
I started making a project for it and it’s not going to be done till the end of this year (because it’s a yearbook, lol, gotta log the stuff from the whole year in it), but anyways, anyone want to help with writing it?

You don’t have to stick around the whole year to join, and can drop out or rejoin at anytime.

Basically my vision for the yearbook

So my vision is basically:

  • Page 2: Table of contents

  • First 3-5 pages: introduction to the yearbook, kind of an overview

  • Pages 6-15: Hopscotch updates

  • Pages 16-30: Forum changes

  • Pages 30-35: THT’s app contests

  • Pages 36-50: Major forum contests (like Hopolympics)

  • Pages 51-75: Coders — kinda like pics and names of all the students in a school yearbook, but usernames and hopscotch character/emoji pics of coders, ordered alphabetically— I’ll ask who wants to be added on the forum & app

  • Pages 76-80: Conclusion and credits

The number of pages is just approximate right now, I’m sure it’ll change.

Info about the yearbook

Only positive events will be added (like getting the forum more code-related) and I’ll edit any non-positive stuff (like buIIying).

I will only add credit for a user in the yearbook if the user actually did something in the project.

The writers’ usernames will go on the front page, the editors’ usernames will go on either the second page or at the end, and the beta testers’ usernames will be either on the second page or at the end of the book.

Stuff I want to add to the yearbook in articles

Here’s stuff I’d like to add to the yearbook in separate articles, with dates for when they happened.

Hopscotch Updates

  • any significant updates that happened
  • the recent category changes
  • stuff to come in the future

Forum changes

  • Leader applications
  • New leaders
  • General topics being removed, GDT and GPUT added
  • Drawing topic changes
  • Stuff to come in the future

THT’s app contests

  • overview of the contests THT made in the app

Major forum contests

  • March Madness
  • Spring Lightning Challenge
  • Hoplympics
  • The annual summer contest that hasn’t happened yet
  • any contests to come

Writers write articles about any changes.
They must be willing to scour old posts for accurate information about the change they’re writing about.

Editors edit them and make sure they’re accurate.

Beta testers test-read and check that there’s no bugs.

People who want to be featured in the Coders section will be featured in a part of the yearbook.
They actually don’t do any work in the project except have themselves featured in it…
Anyone who helps with the project and has a role in the collab, and a Hopscotch account they have access to and code on, will automatically be featured in the coders section unless they don’t want to.

Just ask if you want to be any of these!

Writers (Limit of 10 at a time— FULL): @Rodrik834, @Silverdolphin, @Refugeecat123, @Stylishpoopemoji33, @Cocoa_Viola, @Gamecodingcrazy123, @Apricity, @UnicornRainbow, @TheOnionSWE, @CoderOfMagic.

Editors (Limit of 15 at a time): @anon23813088, @FearlessPhoenix, @Stylishpoopemoji33, @Petrichor, @

Beta testers (Limit of 30 at a time): @Stylishpoopemoji33, @AwesomeNachos, @

People who want to be featured in the Coders section (Limit of Unlimited): @Rodrik834, @Silverdolphin, @anon23813088, @FearlessPhoenix, @Mindcool24, @Stylishpoopemoji33, @Petrichor, @Gamecodingcrazy123, @PeppyWafer21, @Paige1212, @Apricity, @Refugeecat123, @Cocoa_Viola, @GameCodingCrazy123, @UnicornRainbow, @TheOnionSWE, @CoderOfMagic, @

For the writers— how to create an article

Just reply with an article, with a title (and a “by you” part) and I’ll add it to the project after an editor spellchecks and grammarchecks and whatnot.
Just make sure to tag an editor to your article.

if you want to help please choose a role

I might have to make this a bit more organized as to how it works oops…
@ omtl


I want to help! First post
(Writer and person that wants to appear)



I offer me help



Coolio! I’d like to help as well!


Hey can I help as well?

Thanks Tankt!

Can I be a writer?


U need to put ur role

@anon23813088 & @Refugeecat123 u too


Don’t forget @Silverdolphin



Hold on

I can’t edit I’d like to be a writer please


Oh and @tankt2016 May I also help w/the coding?


I put my role :sweat_smile:


Sorry, it’s pretty simple coding and I already coded like all of it…




Ok lol haha :ok_hand:


This is such a great idea Tankt!!
I’d love to help!
Maybe as an editor?


I shall write

Can I also be in the coders section?

Also an idea: For the coder’s section put their profile pic on Hs for their picture!

And try not to overdramatize like I usually do


I would love to be included!


I really like this idea!

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I joined HS this year. Or 2018 December. So I first started using this for this year.

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@tankt2016 Can I write, edit, beta test, and be featured as a coder? Tankts!


I’ll do editor and people who want to be in the coders section.