Hopscotch Year Book 2016



Hey hopscotches it's Redo122 here and in this topic I am going to be getting requests for the 2016 hopscotch yer book for 2016. If you would like to be in it then fill in this form:


Name colour
Biography (Must be at least 30 words.)

Thanx for reading and stay hopscotching!!

People in it:

Redo122 Game Show

I don't think you can share your mine craft gamer tag, because then you will be able to communicate outside of the forum!


Yeah I made a HS related topic about it it got closed.


I didn't get the bottom... So I deleted it.


Name colour: Neon Lime Green
Biography: Hello Hopscotchers! My name is Kitkat26 and I am a 11 year old girl, going into 6th grade, that likes to code, go on the Forum, play softball and swim, purple, pop music and being with my friends.


ok thanx @bluedogmc-official and @Huggingfluffybear


I can't put people in for a while but still give me your requests.


Come on I can't do one with 3 people in it.