Hopscotch Year Book 2015


I am going to make a Hopscotch Year Book for 2015 so can you tell me what colour you want your page to be.



Green please!


Isn't this @TheAquamarineWolf 's idea?


Yeah! But even so, choose orange.

  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red



Ok I will make those pages.

P.s this is the starting page.


I feel like this is copying @TheAquamarineWolf's idea because she came up witht his on the forum already...


Yep, my same idea. Don't want to be mean, but this will hurt her feelings when she sees this


@TheAquamarineWolf came up for it for this year but yeah it might be copying but he is doing it different.


Do you guys mind if I do this? I will give ya credit? :wink: I've always wanted to do one of these.


Woops I accidentally deleted the project!


It's fine. But since you got the idea from me could you please give credit?


Ok :wink:


One thing. What does everyone want there pages to say?


This should be want you have people fill out:
• Hopscotch name
• Join date
• How known they are (maybe)
• Summary (saying what they want)
• A picture of the person by their name or at top of page


Thats Perfect exept the picture because it will be made in hopscotch.


Yeah but you could use a character provided by Hopscotch.


Ok sounds good :wink:


P.S this is what I have so far!


Can you do me I am FruityMilkshake