Hopscotch Writing Contest 2016 Special! πŸ˜„



Hey guys! I decided to do a writing contest because I love to write and it's my hobby. The winner will get something special and the due date is Febuary 1st, 2016.
The Genre could be anything, and It at least has to be 5 sentences or more :slightly_smiling:
I would like to see everyone's writing stories and ideas, and I will list some just in case your stuck :wink:
Winner gets hopscotch surprise! You will get 20 likes on each project, a shoutout, a special extra effort project by me, and you have permission to remix 5 of my projects without giving me credit, and some more!
Time Travel
Horror Story
Switching bodies
Stuck in a video game
Travel to another dimension
Life story
Someone moving and has trouble with his/her new life

make a story about how your character has to get through a big problem (optional)

Since my first draft of this topic had a really good example story ( I don't know how but it got deleted and I'm starting over), I will do a story later :wink:

Have fun and be creative!


I would like to add that it should be Hopscotch related.


Ok I will edit for you


@a10 is romance allowed? (Nothing too graphic)


Yup! You could do whatever you want but it has to be Hopscotch Related according to @Kiwicute2016


I was sitting in my house reading a book, when suddenly all the lights and power went out, the world was shrouded in darkness, I passed out.
When I awoke, I saw the world was strangely ugly, as if it had been drawn.
I took a plane that looked strangely like an emoji, and crossed the Pacific. I landed and saw a car I drove east along a road, suddenly I saw more cars and a Cupcake trying to cross the road, then it dawned on me that the cupcake looked familiar! I realised that the cupcake was from Hopscotch my coding app! But I drove on and then came to a place where the land ended and a infinite grid streched away before me, I suddenly thought that the world might've been encoded! I drove back to cupcake a talked with her, she said that Hopscotch was crashing! And that there was a high chance that the world would be deleted! "deleted" I pondered on the word, suddenly there were flashes of black, 'it's begun' I thought.
I raced home to my iPad and there was a project called "?" I tapped on it and it crashed my iPad, I opened Hopscotch and tried again, again it crashed my iPad, each time it crashed the darkness got deeper.
I got off the Wi Fi, and It opened! The name of the game was world map. I wondered if deleting the draft would save the world or delete it? The world would die anyway if I didn't do something or if I failed. I clicked the delete button.
The world started getting brighter the shapes went back to normal. I email the Hopscotch Team to delete all copies of the project.
The world was saved!


I didn't mean that the story had to be Hopscotch related :joy:. The whole thing in general should be Hopscotch related. For example, if you won, you would get a project, or a10 might make a Hopscotch movie from your story. Sorry for the confusion :grin:!


OOOOOOOH yeah I was gonna have that happen, lol!


Nice story! But I have bad news, I literally just found out that @Kiwicute2016 didn't mean the story had to be hopscotch related, it had to be related in general, whoops!


I don't get what you mean!?


My topic had to be related to hopscotch, NOT the story. Like for example

Winner gets hopscotch surprise!

My topic didn't have anything related to hopscotch, but now that I just added a hopscotch prize, that was related to hopscotch? See what I mean or you still confused?


So I can post a story about say...A tree?


Yup, it could be about ANYTHING,

If you want you could make another story (only you can because I never knew it didn't have to be hopscotch related :wink:)


Ok! I have some books that I have writen that I would like to put in is that ok?


As long as it's not copyright, why not :smiley:?


I woke up early Saturday morning ready to play Hopscotch. I open the app and...BOOM my profile wasn't there instead it was ToastedFlame's account (aka lotsapizza) I was astounded to see it was fully functioning too! I was about to email THT but I thought I would be fun just to post one project.
So I started to code the hardest I have ever. I made a super fun glitch-free Toasted Drawing Pad!! It got over 20,000 likes!! Your Welcome ToastedFlame!

ToastedFlame's Point of View.......
I was opening up Hopscotch about to press my activity for requests but before I could press any thing I saw in my published a project with +20,000 likes!!! I was wondering: "what happened maybe my account was switched with MagmaPOP's????" I thought. Then as I opened it in very very small text it said made by Fifi the funny flower so I put out a message saying she made it and I am so happy to be on Game Changers!!!
Your Welcome Fifi


Yes I know it doesn't need tO be Hopscotchifed




I have changed the name here so it does not give out which city I am in.
Ok here it is:

Sitting on a fence, dodging a sprinkler, these were some of the things that Alp the Fly did during the day.

The New Zealand Fly

book 1

Book 1: Great heights
Alp awoke feeling fresh and happy, he got up and went to breakfast, when he had finished he looked out the door of his home, dew clung to the blades of grass and sparkled like diamonds. He decided he would have a short flight so he took off and surveyed the scene,from his hight everything looked so small, he saw a house fly and swooped down to have a chat, "Good morning!" said the house fly "I have heard the humans are going to "water" their garden today, I would stay inside if I were you!" "Thanks for the tip!" said Alp, the house fly flew off, suddenly something hit him on the wing, he wheeled round and saw the air behind him full of drops of water all sparkling like diamonds another drop hit him and he shot off with the speed of the wind, making for his home, when he finally collapsed on the doorstep he was exhausted, his mother flew over to him, "I never thought I would ever see compound eye or proboscis of you again!" She said.

book 2

Book 2: The Wave
Alp was cruising along over the material that the humans call β€œconcrete”, he saw a tasty snack and landed, as it turned out the snack was a spider! The spider spun round, wheeling an outstretched lag at Alp, Alp ducked and the spider missed,he turned and saw the spider running away,he hadn’t long to wonder what had made it run: a huge wave of water was hurting towards him,he had no time to take off,the wave hit him and carried him with all it’s force toward the edge of the β€œconcrete”, it flung him over the edge and he lost conciseness, when he woke up he was floating upside down on the water,as he floated toward a leaf he grabbed it and pulled himself upright, his wings were soaked, he could not fly, it was getting late so he curled up on the leaf for a sleep. When he awoke he found his wings dry, after some nectar he took off and made for home, when he arrived his mother flew over to him and said β€œWhere the diamonds have you been!” Alp explained his long absence to the eager ears of his sister and parents.

There are 4 books total.


@a10 YAY! (I was trying to write smth about Hopscotch and was failing)


How do you like it @a10?