Hopscotch Writers and Musicians Wanted Story Collab



Are you a writer and wants to put that on Hopscotch?????
Well this is the collab for YOU just say you want to join and your in I need 2 Musicians and 2 Wirters!
I would perfer some skilled hopscotchers not newbs (no offense)
You could have a chance get it now!
The one and only,
Fifi the funny flower


Can I join? I'll be a musician! I love making music!


Ok I have a few songs we could use any suggestions?


I can kinda do writing and I'm OK at music, but I'm sure there may be people that want to do this other than me, so I would like to give them a chance.


No, not really. I like Techno music, but I can program other types. :wink:


Ok if I desperately need you I'll just @ you


Ok, fine with me, @Fifithefunnyflower


Will there be a collab account, or do we just submit work?


We will pas on a project between each other (less work)


Ok, thanks! I'll create some music