So today on WOULD YOU RATHER?! We would like to ask all hopscotchers to participate. This game show (topic) was inspired by someone else that's name I forget. Please simply ask another hopscotcher a WOULD YOU RATHER?! question.

For more info please ask a question in comments, tag @raspberrii (me/ YOUR HOST).


There is already a topic about this :wink: It would work just fine there too!


Isn't there another topic? However, I believe it's okay to have 2 or so topics so that there isn't all one big topic


Ugh, I know! But it's clever and I wanted to try it! Please just chat... :cold_sweat::disappointed_relieved:


Okay :D I will just move run out the exit :slight_smile:


@SnowGirl_Studios would you rather draw a pizza or code one?


Can I eat one? Ummm I rather code on because it seems a little to easy to draw... and I'm terrible at drawing triangles.


Would you rather if you were me, change my profile pic or stay with it?
(For @SnowGirl_Studios!)


Stay with it! :smiley: I feel so like honored having someone with the same pic :smiley: (you make an amazing snowgirl studios! If you have the pic, you are one with the snowgirl... :stuck_out_tongue: )


Please don't make duplicates of topics :wink:.