Hopscotch World news: Donald Trump wins the election!




Donald J. Trump wins the election by a close call!!!!!!!!
Here are the polls:

But this draws many fears from Hopscotchers who live in the USA!
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@Hermione is here! Thank You for coming! What do you think of this?


@Hermione What do you think about this Breaking News?


Aw man trump dang it


Sound familiar



Trump is not nearly as bad as you think. It's all peoples fault.


He used to be better.....


What's wrong with him now then?


He um... used to support clinton. He used to like women a little bit, but now he is insulting everyone even miss universe
Lets put it this way. He has changed


Trump will speak his mind, which isn't really all that bad. But than everyone twists what he says and makes it seem like this horrible thing. And then, everyone hates it.


I don't know . I watched he election and he was kinda mean. He called clinton a nasty woman


When he gave his speech he said he congratulated her on the phone for trying hard.


How do u know? Ijust wanna know..


Guys just stop talking about politics! It's over! It's done with! Stop bringing it back up again! Trump wins! We know! There's so many topics on this already! You can't miss them! Okay?!
Get over it, guys!


It was last night its recent


I never saw that. Not saying your lying, just saying i don't really know if that happened. And I don't like her anyway, she is rude, so I don't blame anyone for saying that. No offense to anyone who supports Hillary it's just my opinion.


I was watching it last night. I didn't see it.


Thats ok. We should stop talking bout this


Yeah. Before we get more people into more fights.


Other one lel
Was it the convention or..