Hopscotch World Cup: sign up quick!



So, here it is. The World Cup starts in 4 days and I thought, Hey, it would be nice if there was a contest like this on Hopscotch! And then I thought it would be better if it was all real players instead of one player and 31 computers. Then I thought, maybe soccer isn’t the best thing for a contest on Hopscotch so, why not make it a coding contest!

  1. There will need to be 32 people signing up.
  2. There will be challenges every day
  3. Fundardo is not the judge, the “judge” will be a poll
    4.Remixing gets a score 0
What are challenges?

A challenge is a battle between two Hopscotchers. You both will have to code a game on the theme of the challenge. For every challenge you get 2 days to code. In one of the corners of the entry you need to wright Entry. Publish your project before midnight. Every afternoon (europe) I will grade all the entries. I will give a grade from 0 to 10. The winner of the challenge is the Hopscotcher with more points then his opponent. I will notify you that you won by liking your project.


14 jun group round 1
16jun group round 2
18 jun group round 3

Are you wondering what it is?

If you qualify you will be put in to a group of four Hopscotchers with you will play against. There are 8 groups. The 2 best of each group go to next phase

Jun 20
Game 1:Group 1 best vs. group 7 second best
Game 2:Group 2 best vs. group 8 second best
Game 3:Group 3 best vs. group 1 second best
Game 4:Group 4 best vs. group 2 second best
Game 5:Group 5 best vs. group 3 second best
Game 6:Group 6 best vs. group 4 second best
Game 7:Group 7 best vs. group 5 second best
Game 8:Group 8 best vs. group 6 second best
The people who lose get eliminated.

Jun 22
Game A: Game 1 winner vs. Game 5 winner
Game B: Game 2 winner vs. Game 6 winner
Game C: Game 3 winner vs. Game 7 winner
Game D: Game 4 winner vs. Game 8 winner
The people who lose get eliminated

Jun 24
Game Y: Game A winner vs. Game C winner
Game Z: Game B winner vs. Game D winner
The people who lose do a battle for the 3rd place on Jun 26

Jun 26
Finals: Game Y winner vs. Game Z winner
You will have 2 days to prepare your entry if you go to the finals.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I will be announcing winners on Hopscotch and if this gets successful I might redo it next year
(My Hopscotch account is Fundardo :laughing:)


Sign up until June 13th


To sign up just reply to this post saying I want to sign up, then your Hs account.


This is a great idea! :slight_smile:


Would you like to sign up?


I’m a bit too busy right now with both the summer contest and my Hopscotch summer camp. Sorry!


It’s fine. I just put this sentence because of 20 character rule


This is a very creative idea!


Thanks! Do YOU want to sign up?


Since I’m turning in my iPad that I use for the app on Monday I can’t sorry


But if you need a judge I can help out with that


Ok, you can be a judge too.


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Thank you!:grinning:


I’m going to go take a shower be back in 15 minutes…


It took me 11 min. I was wrong.


Anyone want to sign up?


I might post this on HS. Might get more attention.


Should I use OMTL?

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If no one signs up I will use OMTL!