Hopscotch works in iOS 11 beta 1


Hey guys! Miss me? Cool.

Just wanted to let you guys know that Hopscotch does work in iOS 11 beta 1, which was released a couple days ago. It’s working perfectly with no lag!

Also I’ll be more active.


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@Milkypup lol
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Just letting you know that you can just tag @OMTL now ;3
(sry for tagging you guys)


How do you get iOS 11 beta?


Awesome! I would love to try the beta but don't have any device to test it on (just don't want to screw up my iPad with all the bugs and glitches)


This video will tell you everything you need to know:


Welcome back zach

Remember me?


You need to be an Apple developer (name actually apps for the App Store)


That is really cool! I want iOS 11 beta, but I am afraid that it would crash some of my apps. iOS betas are usually laggy.


That's true. That's also the reason I didn't get the IOS10 beta.


It’s cool that you can now use @.omtl but how do you make groups?


@Zachyswag do you know when iOS 11 will come out? Just curious.


You can ask @t1_hopscotch to make one for you, but make sure that people are okay with being in the group.

Also, t1_hopscotch is the first community intern, and she is also a moderator!


It's nice that we can get the beta for iOS 11! :grin: I won't test it out, though. I don't want my iPad to crash.


It's coming out in Fall/Spring (for Southern Hemisphere). Usually mid-September.



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