Hopscotch won't open



Ok, so Hopscotch won't open. Yah yah, there have been topics about it. It would probably go back to normal if delete Then download it. But I have projects that I need to upload- ones that I have been working nights for a while! I don't remember which, but I'm sure I have to upload something! When I delete Hopscotch, won't those drafts delete? HELP! @Liza @asha @Ian!!! What do I do now??? I already restarted my iPad!


If you created the draft while on internet, it should have automatically saved to the server. You only need to upload them when you were working offline.

What happens when you try to open it? Can you send us an email at help@gethopscotch.com so we can get all the nitty gritty details?

Thanks :slightly_smiling:


Ok, I deleted it and downloaded it. I think the drafts saved. Thanks! All that happened is I opened it, then it did the black screen, then it crashed right away.