Hopscotch won't load!/Panthera cant get in!


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: Ducks are happy

What kind of device are you using?:
IPad air

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _trying to log in, and then __it won’t load happened):

Steps to make the problem happen:
1.log in, end the bear is just their dancing
2.like that forever and my WiFi fine

**I expected this to happen:**Me to post stuff

**But instead this happened:**then when I get a chance it says something fishy is happening then ze zoom breaks

**Here’s a sweet screenshot:**this is a different iPad but I can post one in a couple minutes


Check your WiFi


WELP me!!!:expressionless::confused:


My WiFi ish fine :neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face:


Restart your hopscotch or try updat8ng if u haven’t already


Nope my software up to date


Email tht


I don’t have an email set up with Ducks are happy I have an email with the old one though…


Maymby they will let u in anyway
If you’ve proved yourself trust worthy


Hmmm idk this has happened before but never for 2 days. Sometimes our wifi says its on but its not, but this time it is cause the computer works…


If u give me the name and pass I can check
I promise I won’t change anything lol


Ya I guess I’m gonna be changing accounts soon anyway


A bunch of people’s acounts have been messed up if u give me da pass I could tell your followers the bad news


Did you see it yet… I need to delete the post


Ono someone else knows it now unless you were the one that liked it…


Oh that happens sometimes yoiu have to retype the username and password…:expressionless:


Oh and I was the one who liked it


OK good! I got scared for a second


It happened again


Hmmm OK well we know the answer now!