Hopscotch Wiki?


I recently stumbled upon Hopscotch Wiki. It's basically a Hopscotch's version of Wikipedia. There's lots of bios about a few different Hops. I also noticed you can chat and create "topics". All The posts are from a while back, before the no communication outside of the forum rule was placed. Is the wiki still allowed?


Where did you find out about the wiki? I have never heard of it before.


could I have the link to this?


nudges wiki thingy over here


There's the link.


I found an actual website, not a project.


um why am I not a part of that what

I think it's fine....


I know that, I just nudged it to put the collab thing if anyone needed it. :P


Okay. If you search around a bit, you'll find chats.


This looks like it hasnt been tended to lately so I think it's fine


Yeah. I guess. The last post was around May, so I think it's good. I just wanted to check with a mod.


The original intent was to educate


When you get your own page :0


That seems awesome! :slight_smile:


I've visited, but I didn't make an account, and all I did was read stuffs. :D


Who made it? I think THT should look at it.
Edit: I invited THT to this topic.


This is old just as docs is old, so we should just forget about it. I've been an active wiki user there when it still existed, but it's just a wiki still.

It will be your fault if you "chat" on it, we never did after the docs rule thing got put up. We hardly even used it lol