Hopscotch: Wii U Edition?



I'm proposing Hopscotch on the Wii U. The Wii U is the only console with a touchscreen built in, so it would already be easy to port. And think of all the cool events! With the Wii U Gamepad's gyroscope, microphone, and even camera, we could make tons of cool projects. And we could ditch on screen buttons that get in the way for the analog sticks, face buttons (ABXY), shoulder buttons (L and R), and triggers (ZR and ZL). This is just an idea, but it would be great. And starting this could get BlueTooth controller support too.


It's a good idea! :wink::smiley: but not everyone can get/have a wii u.



I agree with you


Yeah, more people do have iPads than Wii Us. I have a disliking for in screen buttons, so I was mostly looking for an alternate way to control your character.


Hopscotch would probably have to either recode Hopscotch or find an emulator of some sort, because Nintendo hates things that are not it's own company.

Also, like @GiraffeProductions and @Work_kids_coding said, not everyone has a Wii U. So, let's take this poll!

Do you have a Wii U?

  • Yes

  • No



minecraft is out on wii u,possibly.


It is on the Wii u.


It's out?! :smiley:


ok, yes you can run the browser based hopscotch through the wii u, BUT, for an actual wii u based edition for hopscotch, it would have to be licensed by Nintendo, and they denied smash 64 until Hal labs did it in secret and presented a final product to them, I highly doubt that hopscotch will make it through, @Liza what do you think? after all, you know a lot about the processes of this kind of thing than I do, an 8th grader


I would think that this is a good idea, but a meh idea. First of all, not may people own a Wii U so profits would probably not be good. Second, the Wii U uses Java while iPad uses Obj. C, so the switch would be long and expensive. This would be a fun idea, if you can't use your iPad, and instead use a Wii u. But also take in mind that how many kinds have a Nintendo ID also. Great thinking, thoug!:wink:


Minecraft is coming to the Wii U on Thursday. I think the Wii U, with its cool capabilities, would be perfect. But unlike iPads, it's not quite as accessible.


I am getting on for X- mas, back on topic this sound like a very good idea for people such as Rawrbear or people who could get a Wii U


What about for the Xbox one because the Xbox one supports Internet and you can use its cursor to navigate plus there's even Rosetta Stone in it!


I believe that at the moment, this would probably not be the hopscotch team's priority (even though it is a good idea!) because they probably want to make coding possible on the iPhone and make an android edition before they start thinking about Hopscotch on a console. I'm not part of the Hopscotch team, though, so I really don't know..


It was just a suggestion. I'm a huge Nintendo fan and a proud Wii U owner, so I would love to see my favorite app on my favorite console.


Wii U doesn't seem like it fits in with Hopscotch, along with other consoles.


i like the wii u idea but what about the 3ds it's portable and also it has buttons!


I'll Tell The Hopscotch Team That


I Actually Got One For Christmas, So I Did Not Pay 299.99. :wink:


You are extremely lucky, here's a like for you! :heart: