Hopscotch whispers!



So this is kinda like Chinese whispers! You say something about yourself, HS related of course, and the next person says something about themselves that is similar to the one above, and on and on and on and ON! On the end it will end up with something totally different!
User 1: I got 50 likes yesterday!
User 2: on my first day I got no likes!

Stay on topic!
I'll start: my first project was an escape the room game!




My first project was a crossy road game: Crossy Goat


I have never published a crossy road game.


I have played a Crossy Road game in Hopscoth!


I have made a Geometry Dash game on HS


I had 3 likes on that Geometry Dash!


I made geometry dash improved and never published it


I made a Geometry Dash Game, but never uploaded it.


I made a fruit ninja game but then deleted the draft


My drafts are very cluttered


I have a million drafts to finish!


I am exactly the same!


I only have one draft it is has only one rule


One of my drafts are almost finished


in my drafts a super secret undertale is in there


In my drafts is a remake of a classic video game. (Nowhere near finished.)


I have a game in my drafts that I haven't worked on in ages.


I haven't worked on updating my bad games in ages. I really should, crossy goat 3 could be pretty amazing with all the coding I have learnt now!


I don't work on games so much


Games are really hard to make for me, so I don't work on them much.