Hopscotch... What's this


Remember when the hopscotch loading screen used to be higher and then the characters would rise up below it? Well look at this. At the loading screen, put your iPad face down, then turn it up and look...


When you open the app the words are supposed to rise and the characters aren't supposed to come up, although I do remember the old loading screen. How many times has that happened, because I know its never happened to me.


it isn't supposed to happen. Remember when iOS 8 released the moving background where you tilted the iPad it would adjust, well this is happening and hopscotch hasn't got around to getting rid of them and forgot about it.


It happens every time


That's weird. I'm not sure why it would do that.


I've seen that.. every time I see it, I want to take a screenshot, but
I'm always too slow :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was fast! :wink: Actually it took me forever how it worked and to actually capture it...


I've seen this before...
@liza @alish @Ian


I emailed the hopscotch team a while ago they said they took them down because it helps hopscoth load faster


they just need to get rid of them because it's kind of sily


yeah i do agree but its fine


my hopscotch takes 36 seconds to load


What?!???? Mine takes like a millisecond! With an iPad3! That's nuts! What iPad do you have?


i have a ipad mini 1 but i do have alot of drafts


Ok, that makes sense


yeah 202020202020202020202002


Those days when you weren’t popular :joy:



You got me :joy:
I’m popular?

Yeah, I wasn’t really active back then :joy: (Like I only started being active in mid2017 I guess)


Ugh, why did I use that passive aggressive emoji those whiles back “:wink:”)