Hopscotch Welcome Team (NEW) [NEW MEMBERS WELCOME]


The Hopscotch Welcome Team is a group of people, and if they see a new user, they make a project for them, welcoming them and showing them around! I think it would be quite encouraging to new users!

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@Currency5097193 made a topic like this, and though there are changes in yours. It's based off the idea she has made. Maybe check with her first before starting. The idea is cool, but I'm not sure if I personally would want someone using my idea. If she's okay with you doing this maybe give her credit?


@MiNi oh, I didn't know there was another topic either (do you think you could give a link, I would just like to see too, sounds awesome that more people are doing something to welcome new forumers :relaxed:)

it was from this (but now too old to edit for Reffy):

@Refugeecat123 hehe thank you for adding me, I think I will be best just popping in and out and helping whenever I'm on (I am a little irregular with times :( and dont want to let anyone down again or anything)


Okay, one minute.

@t1_hopscotch that's cool :) I think I was just aware of this because Currency had made a topic a little like this not to long ago.


Would you mind giving us a link?
EDIT: Nevermind; I searched the term "Hopscotch Weelcoming Committee" and other versions of it, and only this topic appeared.


Can I join :)


Activity time!
What would you do if you see a new user breaking the rules?




I would understand that they probably didn't know about the rule, and kindly remind them about it. I would also give a few suggestions about what to do next, such as deleting the post, etc. Then, I would make sure they wouldn't do it again.


Hi @Refugeecat123 and @BellaWafflez17! sorry, when I posted that :arrow_up: I meant I might be on and off infrequently :disappointed: so it is probably best if you don't put me in the team officially. But I would still like to just pop in and out if I can :relaxed:

As for new members, it looks like @StRiKe_Charler123 would like to join too :blush: (I think as you just keep doing what you are, it tends to be that people who are interested will naturally come and take a look :smiley:) maybe we could post saying new members are welcome, and/or it might be easier just to manage and start off with a few people too; anything is okay :blush:

This is a nice activity :smiley:

I think @BellaWafflez17 summed it up nicely! For example, if it were something inappropriate for children that they'd posted, I think I might add why we have rules in place — in this case, it is because we have a lot of younger people in this community, just as an example.


Of course! @Refugeecat123 already added you, sorry that you didn't get a reply.


I made this before Currency even joined...


Hello, I saw this post and I came in. I’m new to the forum and I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but I do like Hopscotch a lot. SO… I am a new person here.


I’m getting used to the forum now thx to replies to my posts.