Hopscotch Welcome Team Leaders+ Topic!


This is for the leaders and admins of Hopscotch Welcome team. Report here


Okay! I have a few ideas.
First, we need to recruit new members. Any ideas? @t1_hopscotch


I have an idea!!

Debating :D

So, we would have an idea, and debate on it!


Okay, let's wait until t1 gets here.


Hm.. You have a good point. Let's maybe advertise, like one peron make projects, another person make art, and another person make posts and links?


Im going to go talk to Rawry about it, brb


kinda just spammed 5 general topics


I think the HST said they don't need leaders, is the HST involved in this?


Uh, no.. its for a club...


Here's the link.


If we do that, I'd like to make the art if I may. Let's hear what t1 has to say before we continue.


Okay :D

She isn't always on.. Hopefully she is soon


(Sorry i was just looking through this topic)

People are allowed to have leaders in their clubs..


Yeah i didn't understand the concept but now I do :wink:


Ohh I see, is this another topic for the leaders/admins for example? :relaxed: (I just replied on the other one :smiley:)