Hopscotch Weekly



I would lime lead writer please
Sorry if no I'll have a different role


If you are lead writer, you will have to have another writing position... The lead writer just checks the other writer's work! Does the Featured projects work for you?


i might be an editor or a photographer... idk


What featured project do you mean


We pick projects, feature them and write about them!


oh yes


I did two interviews, so yeah.


What would you like to do, we are about to start!


This sounds awesome.


If premium is complimentary on the account, I could put in any necessary pictures or sprites for a project. I have some reasonably good editing software on my PC. (Don't worry, it isn't MS Paint.)

Applying for:
Hopscotch Edition - Photographer


Sorry, I was looking for someone who had this to help!
For the photographer, all you need to do is supply pictures of the games advertised.
Welcome to the team!




REVIVE! (I've always wanted to do that XP)

I know I'm not the illuminati, but I've made a terrible cover just for ideas. (I'm super bored)