Hopscotch Weekly



I'm making a Hopscotch magazine. This will have news, featured projects, adverts, and more! We will also be publishing on Hopscotch!
I need lots of people to help though!
Overall Editor: Me, @IKeudin
Lead Writer: @HopedHoper
Lead Photographer: @IKeudin
Featured project jobs: Art and Game
Interviewer: (@KoolM123, taking a break) @IKeudin
Writer: (@KoolM123, taking a break) @IKeudin
Weekly Pages News, Forum Trends and Newbie of the Week
Interviewer: @Angidrawings
Writer: @HopedHoper
Advert Editor: @KarmicSans2
Advert Photographer: @Steelhooves
Hopscotch Edition
Coder: @IKeudin
Transfer: @IKeudin

Thanks! You can be more than one job!
The Photographer has to supply pictures, please have this job as well as another!

I've added myself to some jobs, if you want them please say!

Hoppers life sunday magazine workers needed!

Woa so many jobs o-0

I can't do this sorry ;-;



Can I be a writer or have a couple jobs?


May I be an interviewer please? :pray:


What would you like to be a writer about? Yes, the jobs were made for lots of people!


On what topic, you can be a few!


This is very cool.


Please can I have either interviewer or writer? :pray::pray:
idk if I'm alowed two jobs.


weekly page please :pray:


You are! What topics would you like?


Can you make a page just for us workers please?:pray:


This text will be hidden

if you do it will help us be organized!


Can I be an advert editor?


What do you mean by that?


Sorry, typo! What would you like to write/ interview for?


Yes! I'll make pages for you to talk on one every job is filled! @Angidrawings


Would anyone like a job? Sorry if you've already seen this!


For hopscotch edition , can you add a position called BETA tester where the BETA tester can make sure the projects are ok before they are submitted ?


I was hoping the others on the team could check that! I will also check! Would you like the job of coder?


No thanks as I cannot code that well and I am still pratising ! Also , I do not have enough time ! Sorry !


Idk. You can choose what I do it for.