Hopscotch Website!


Credit to @Explorer_ for the idea. (Her Hopscotch POP Magizine go check it out!!)

What is this?

What this is is an account that only makes websites with either Interviews, daily shout outs, what you are working and stuff like that!!


So we need people for jobs. Here are the jobs!! Interviewer, Editor, Desinger (for the website) and a Shoutout person!! If you want to get a job just reply and I will reply back (as soon as I can!!).

@KVJ @FoodDelivery @AwesomeNachos @Ella_13 @DA-BEASTY @Madi_Hopscotch_ @BlastFusion @bLUEpANDA @bluedogmc-official

Who's signed upped

Interviewers:@FoodDelivery and @StarryDream
Editors: @Goobrgrlrye
Designers: @bLUEpANDA and @CodePerfect
Shoutout People: @minioncandy @DA-BEASTY


You tagged me. Hallo. Why you tag?


I'll be designer if that's not already taken


Thanks for giving credit! :smiley:


Yep you can be desinger!!




Can I be editor? Plz?


Yes you can be editor!!


Hey @FoodDelivery do you want to be someone?


Can i be interviewer?


Sure I will update it right now!! Thanks for volunteering!!


what questions do i need to ask?


Like how long have you been doing hopscotch. If you know that they are popular then ask how many FEATURES and RISINGS and GAME CHANGERS they have!! You can ask between 2-6 per interview!! You also make up questions that are HOPSCOTCH related!! @FoodDelivery


ok. thanks, i ran out of likes again. (NOOOOOOOO....)


I know I HATE when that happens. It happen to me when I first joined. They said you have replied enough times for your first day please try again in 8 hours!!


dang i have a habit of liking peoples posts...


Yeah I like replying to people!! Can you ask @DA-BEASTY if he wants to be someone?


OK sure... His messaging app broke so i will have to ask him at school tomorrow


Okay that's fine. What time is it in Austallia?

It's 3:23 am here. Don't blame me I can't sleep!!


its 5:23 pm here in aus