Hopscotch web IDE/code viewer docυmentation


Hello, this is just for documenting the structure/parts of something that @Rawrbear and I are contributing to at the moment :slight_smile:

Informational details

We are keeping communications to forum, it is just that I need places to organise things :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The code is publicly available :smiley:

Main things:

  • (put main things for this project here)

  • This place is to document update on progress, for ideas/more general questions, we might point those discussions to the previous topic :slight_smile:

  • Why is this here? I just need a place to conveniently look at an overview of the project :slight_smile: (GitHub has a place for Issues/this thing) The discussion can continue as usual :blush:

  • Each of these could be a separate topic...but that will be a lot (can start with this and always expand if we need it though, if we decide that would be easier later on)

  • Is the 'censored words' for titles bug still happening? (The reason why 'documentation is misspelt')

Hopscotch GML JSON editor for Windows (Cancelled)

Documentation specific to project :computer::

Reserving this post for things like:


  • /project_data contains project JSONs, formatted project_id.json

Running project

-Python lxml is needed


(or whatever is needed :slight_smile:)

  • e.g. generally underscores are used (just Python convention...), class names are nouns (since they're objects) and functions are verbs (since they're actions)


TODOs :clipboard::

  • Get other TODOs from here (this is a todo)

(will migrate from other topic)

Questions :thinking::


Plans/Ideas :thought_balloon::

  • will put some map out/outline


Relevant extra How Tos/Explanations :blue_book::

  • extra bits on info (e.g. what is JSON, what are lists and dicts, some Python cool tricks etc)
  • structure of hopscotch JSON file



Timeline :clock::

  • added read_url.py from t1's repo

  • added server using Tornado

Can always delete this if not necessary (this is also outlined on Github in a way, with commits)


I will migrate things from other topic.

P.S. if you cant tell, I sort of love doing this :stuck_out_tongue: sorry 'bout that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The discussion can continue on as usual down here :slight_smile: again, meaning this mostly for updates on progress etc

This includes 'failed stuff/attempts'!


I did some testing with JavaScript today. Unfortunately you are unable to read files in other domains due to security reasons. Well, there is a workaround but the Hopscotch domain doesn't support it :/ Guess I will have to use Python then.

Hopscotch project JSON reader

Oops, sorry about that!! I've added you as a collaborator; I hope I did that correctly :stuck_out_tongue: I've never really collaborated with someone else in GitHub before, so this stuff is pretty new to me, haha.

Ah, I'm currently sketching up some concept main menus! I'll get back to you on that when I'm finished; I'll also edit this post with the art in it :)


Hehe no problem! Thanks for the permissions :stuck_out_tongue: (I haven't really used that either before)

oh wow that is awesome :)) I am just familiarising myself with Django at the moment (a few headache type things hehe, might take a bit of a while) it is just the setup aspect that I am trying to take care of, but won't have to worry about this aspect when using it for the HTML, hopefully it's okay to pick up. stay tuned...

this is what I am trying to enable:


(you can use it to do For loops, if statements and things in HTML. it is just the setup side that I am trying to do at the moment)


Wow, this is going to make everything so much easier :o I was actually thinking of resorting to JavaScript or LESS instead, but I didn't know this was a thing! Ah, this is really awesome! :smiley:


Hehe yep there are things like this in place! Arrgh I'm going through some of this tutorial for setting up at the moment, I don't even know how much is needed at this point :joy: but if I am not able to check on as much, it will be because I am probably wallowing through some content :laughing:


Hehe, yeah, it looked ridiculous to me when setting it up via Django's install tutorial; are you sure you're indtalling it with the right website? That site is for setting up some sort of blog with another third party; it didn't look right to me :thinking: although this one might be for installing it locally onto your machine, so I don't know. :o

Good luck, nonetheless! I'm going to wallow through the system as well, hehe :)


Yeah it is a third party site, I was just looking more for just some basics and looking at it from another perspective. and yep I've been wandering around Django's documentation too, hehe thanks, I got to being able to access a site on local IP but just on hold for the minute with things :confused:


Alright, good luck. :o


I missed out a ton on Hopscotch. Amazing what this has turned into


Hey welcome back, @K1ish! Good to see you around again :smiley:


@t1_hopscotch - I've made a Trello for planning things out here. This will definitely make everything easier for you. :)


We've got a few TODOs in there that I've already added, hehe. ^^


Ooh wow thank you!!

I meant to add to this topic, saying I'd read a quote that went like this...

Working code attracts people who want to code. Design documents attract people who want to talk.

And I went like hmmm... :thinking: so I went and tried doing more commits on @MR.GAM3R's repo, although I haven't gotten much working :joy:

Hopscotch project JSON reader