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I don’t know, but I can’t automatically scan projects from front-end. Maybe from back end I could periodically sample some projects, but I want to create a scoring system as well.

I do remember, however, that when I first created x-ray in v1.1 of the Web Explorer, it filtered about the same percentage of projects.

I wouldn’t call all of them spam, but in general, those are projects that I probably would not play – it filters out stuff that’s follows general patterns for art, remixes that don’t meet a certain threshold, words in the title like “announcement” or “remix” or “like for”, and more.

Exact criteria needs to be updated but it’s in the link in this post.

I like that idea too – that’s actually why I have my x-ray mechanism mark projects with 3+ hashtags to be hidden (though that can be overridden later)


Ah cool, that makes sense.

Personally I see what you’re going for but I guess another point could be made that projects are made for educating kids rather than entertaining others. So technically, Hopscotch is filling the role that kids use it for, but there are caveats to this methodology, of course.

Instead of filtering spam, I’m advocating for an automated + filtered trending tab, so many highly liked projects can be showcased at once without having to dig through newest for hours.

I think everyone deserves to have their project shown on newest just to try and get it out there, because if this continues then it’ll get even harder to find good projects as the community grows. And again, Hopscotch’s purpose needs to be restated - as an educational tool, rather than just an entertainment and media platform for kids. It can be viewed in either lens, and if anything it must be accommodated for the former to follow proper design guidelines.

Anyways though, this is just my take. People that want to remix should be able to due to what Hopscotch was created for - experimentation and learning.


Yes, that is one of my goals for this as well. I just have x-ray as my way of sifting through newest to find projects much faster. However, anything related to auto-generated channels requires a backend to automatically run the code.

Right, definitely. I am in no way trying to advocate filtering the “Newest” channel itself in the stock Hopscotch app.

As for x-ray, well, it’s a pretty old feature in the timeline of the web explorer, but I made it to see how good a static criteria can be for filtering candidate for curation among other things, and frankly I think it’s done super well considering its limitations. Future implementations or iterations would start with a better management system for the criteria, automatically scanning projects, and/or an API endpoint/function that the Hopscotch servers could call to score each project and create a list of nominees for curation.

Of course, well stated.


That’s cool. If I can remember, I think that (not being mean) that @cool12317282728 did this type of think as well since when I looked on his page, he had that type of thing.


What is “his page”?

Was it not just a link to mine?

  1. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/127eis9c8n
  2. Hopscotch Web Explorer
  3. Fun but needs more levels.
  4. 7/10
    Also bumb


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Forgot to reply – added!


@Awesome_E I was checking out the web explorer. I noticed that text input prompts do not appear when in full screen. Try this project Collatz Conjecture calculator and grapher by Quadratic Studios 🇺🇦
Im on windows 11, and issue persists with chrome and brave.

Does the same thing happen if you go to https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/128uapodtz in the browser?

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No, only on explore.gethopscotch.com when pressing the full screen button (the one built into the website, not browser)

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Feel free to report that in #hopscotch-bugs:web-explorer then


How do I share a unpublished game using The HS Web Explorer?


Decided to do a quick check on how the modded web explorer x-ray holds up, and it still filters about 85% of projects, which I guess is the “target” I’ve been trying to maintain. I’m honestly surprised almost nothing has changed with the “detection ratio” of that tool

And yeah, I still have the full project scorer as a modding idea… but perhaps a more exciting modded creation might see the light of day sooner than that.


What does “x-ray” feature do?


I think this is a wonderful creation-
I had one suggestion though and if it is successful it would be really helpful to many hopscotchers (like me lol)


Well the web explorer does have lot of stuff, and even though it may be different, it is honestly to me the same


Thank you – I really appreciate that!

I can’t do any of this on the modded web explorer because those actions require user authentication, but I agree, that would definitely be a great addition to the official version!

When you tap the target icon on the bottom left, it will try to “filter out” projects that it thinks aren’t worth your time clicking on to play (i.e. an art remix, chat messages, etc.) It works based on a set of fixed criteria, such as whether the title and thumbnail include certain words, some project stats such as likes and plays, etc.


…and that’s also why I made this thing:

(If you’re confused, perhaps the modded web explorer help page would be a good thing to read)